Cr Geoff Lake - Glen Waverley Ward

Geoff Lake

Cr Geoff Lake has been a councillor at the City of Monash since 2000.

Since that time he has worked hard to improve services and facilities across the City of Monash while keeping Monash rates as low as possible.

Geoff is a lawyer who previously worked at a national commercial law firm. He serves on a number of boards and committees including as a Director of a major industry superannuation fund.

During his time on Council, Geoff has played a prominent role at the local, state and national levels - including as a Board member of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB), President of the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) and President of the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV). As part of his role as ALGA President, Geoff was a full member of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) and represented Australian local government there alongside the Prime Minister and state and territory leaders.

In 2002 and at the age of 22, Geoff became the youngest person ever to be a Mayor in Victoria when he was elected Mayor of the City of Monash.

As Mayor, Geoff exposed councillors at the South East Regional Waste Management Group who were travelling for no purpose and at ratepayer expense to extravagant places all over the world. Despite criticism and push back from the establishment, he took on these vested interests on behalf of all ratepayers and put a stop to these junkets and the wastage of public money. He also abolished the mayoral robes and use of the 'Your Worship' title, got rid of the personalised number plates for the Mayoral vehicle and slashed the Council's spending on hospitality and lavish functions.

Right through his time as a councillor, Geoff has sought to limit annual rate increases. Monash now has the lowest council rates in Victoria - an outcome he has worked hard to secure.

Geoff believes in lean, effective and responsible government and he has driven greater efficiency throughout Council's operations.

While promoting fiscal restraint and accountability, Geoff has also been a key driver of major projects in the local area such as the Clayton Community Centre. He has also championed initiatives to strengthen services for vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Monash.

Cr Lake is a member of the following Council Committees:
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Chief Executive Officer's Performance Review Committee
  • Glen Waverley Activity Centre Advisory Committee
He is also Monash Council's representative with:
  • Municipal Association of Victoria

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Last updated: 28 January 2015

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