City of Waverley

Former City of Waverley

Waverley was first incorporated as the Oakleigh District in January 1857, which became the Shire of Oakleigh in December 1871.

Parts of the Central and South Ridings were severed to create the Oakleigh Borough, which went on to become the City of Oakleigh, on 13 March 1891. The remainder was renamed the Shire of Mulgrave on 19 February 1897.

In 1949 and 1959, further areas were annexed to the City of Oakleigh. On 14 April 1961, the Shire of Mulgrave became the City of Waverley.

On 13 December 1994, along with nearly all other councils in the outer south-eastern area of Melbourne, the City of Waverley was abolished. It was merged into the newly-created City of Monash along with most of the former City of Oakleigh, as part of the State Government's amalgamation of Councils.


Councillor C William Muir JP1960-1961
Councillor David W Fleming1961-1962
Councillor Leslie W Allen1962-1963
Councillor Keith M Olney1963-1964
Councillor Stanley Parkinson1964-1965
Councillor John A van Staveren1965-1966
Councillor James Sampson JP1966-1967
Councillor John A van Staveren1967-1968
Councillor Leslie W Allen 1968-1969
Councillor Douglas PA Mayson1969-1970
Councillor John I Taylor JP1970-1971
Councillor Leslie W Allen 1971-1972
Councillor June R Baghel1972-1973
Councillor Peter F Davies1973-1974
Councillor Donald C McIntosh JP1974-1975
Councillor Brian J Terry 1975-1976
Councillor L Howard Friee JP1976-1977
Councillor Laurie M Ryan1977-1978
Councillor John I Taylor JP1978-1979
Councillor Graeme B Frecker 1979-1980
Councillor Gerald AD Clarke 1980-1981
Councillor V Peter Le Grande1981-1982
Councillor Iris M Pederick 1982-1983
Councillor David W Appleton JP1983-1984
Councillor Donald C McIntosh JP1984-1985
Councillor Russell D Hannan 1985-1986
Councillor Terry M Heffernan 1986-1987
Councillor Graeme B Frecker1987-1988
Councillor Laurie M Ryan JP1988-1989
Councillor Barbara M Thompson 1989-1990
Councillor Terry M Heffernan 1990-1991
Russell D Hannan1991-1992
Councillor Brian P Lydon 1992-1993
Councillor Pat K Cotton 1993-1994, 1994-1995

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