Inspirational Women's Leadership Award


Sakshi Thakur

Sakshi is an advocate for gender equality and she’s started with her own family and talking to them about gender equity and equality and breaking down traditional gender stereotypes.

Her proud family say Sakshi has always been about 'walking the talk', and makes sure her actions reflect her values.

Sakshi’s mother shared an example if when her grandparents visited from India, and Sakshi took the time to teach her grandpa the importance of equality in the kitchen, and he agreed to learn how to make tea for everyone!

She has been involved in the Monash community since she was 17, including Monash Youth Peer Reference Group, council events and reference groups and took her passion and advocacy to her studies and career in the commerce/social entrepreneurship area.

Her next project is heading to Pondicherry in South India to help the community of 'untouchable' women with employment and financial resources through her new social enterprise called Malaika.


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Last updated: 14 September 2018