i-Sense Oakleigh: The Smart Connected Precinct


 The “i-Sense Oakleigh: The Smart Connected Precinct”  is an exciting project that aims to provide and pilot a range of smart technologies around Oakleigh.

The project is a collaboration between Monash Council and Monash University to build a smart precinct underpinned by advance sensoring technologies and a data communication network. The network provides a connected IoT platform to sense, collect and analyse relevant data to improve liveability for the community within the precinct. The sensors and its platform will collect and fuse different data on mobility as well as improve utilisation of public spaces such as on-street and off-street parking.

This is a project using existing technology in a new way. The platform will increase livability in the Oakleigh precinct through development of a communication network and IoT platform that will use multiple sensoring technologies to capture data. Once captured, this data will be used in applications that will increase levels of service and efficiency and ultimately improve livability for the community.

Installation of smart lighting along Atherton Road will serve as a base for the proposed smart connected sensing array platform., along with  bin sensors that can alert Council's maintenance teams to bins that are full and will help improve the number of times bins are checked and emptied. Smart lighting is another option where lighting can be controlled and adjusted remotely. There’s even capacity for people to see, via an app, when and where parking will be available in the precinct so they can plan their day.

Monash University is our technical partner for i-Sense Oakleigh, contributing $70,000 to the project. The Federal Government has contributed $700,000.

Traffic Technologies

Traffic Technologies Ltd will be developing the IoT platform the i-Sense Oakleigh project.  The Company’s “TST” Smart City platform has already been used in lighting systems across Victoria and New South Wales and has wide applications for the future, including traffic management, parking and asset management.

Media Release Traffic Technologies Ltd Cooperation with Monash Council and Monash University (pdf, 66KB)

For more information: 9518 3252

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Last updated: 23 October 2019