Meeting Procedures

Every Council meeting follows a strict set of procedures and guidelines these are set out below.


The Mayor of the day chairs Council meetings. If for any reason the Mayor cannot attend a Council meeting, the Council must appoint another Councillor to act as Chairperson for that meeting.


Local Law No 1 - Meeting Procedures (PDF, 76KB)

Supplementary Standing Orders for Monash Council Meetings (PDF, 119KB)


For a Council meeting to proceed at least 6 of the 11 Councillors must be present at the meeting (ie half of the number of Councillors plus 1).


Before a proposal or recommendation may be voted on, it must be 'moved' (proposed) by one of the Councillors. Another Councillor must then 'second' (support) the proposal.

The Mayor then invites the mover and seconder to speak in support of the proposal.

Those Councillors who wish to speak against the proposal are then given an opportunity to speak.

At the conclusion of the debate, the Mayor puts the proposal to the vote.

It should be noted that not all proposals put before the Council will necessarily be the subject of debate.

All Councillors present at a Council meeting are required to vote. Voting is by a show of hands.

For a recommendation to be passed a majority of Councillors present at the meeting (ie half of the number of Councillors plus 1) need to vote in favour of the recommendation.

Council Officers are not entitled to vote at Council meetings.

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Last updated: 27 January 2017