Election and Voting

Every four years, Monash residents and ratepayers vote to elect 11 Councillors to represent the community.

The next Council elections will be held on Saturday, 24 October 2020. Council elections are conducted by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) as required under the Local Government Act 1989.

Council Elections 2020: Candidate Information and Training Workshop (4 August)

Since 1997, Monash Council has used the postal method of voting, rather than attendance voting, as postal voting is considered the most efficient and accessible method of voting.

The last election was held in late October 2016.

Council election results
What if I didn't vote?
Candidates' campaign donation returns

Council election results

In the October 2016 elections, five first-time Councillors were elected to Monash Council, alongside six Councillors with previous experience.

To find out more about your elected Councillors, please see: Councillors section.

For more details on the Monash election results, see the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) website.

What if I didn't vote?

Voting is compulsory except if you:

  • were aged 70 years or over as at 22 October 2016
  • live outside the council area.

In early 2017, people aged under 70 who failed to vote will receive an ‘apparent failure to vote’ notice from the Victorian Electoral Commission. You will be asked to return a form explaining why you failed to vote. People who do not respond to this request or who provide an invalid response will be fined $78.

Candidates' campaign donation returns

All candidates at a Council election are required to submit a "candidate's campaign donation return".

In this return, all candidates must disclose any donation valued at $500 or more, which they received for their election campaign.

Here is the summary of the campaign donation returns for the 2016 Council election.

Candidates' campaign returns for the 2016 Council election (pdf, 94KB) (updated 18 April 2017).

Please note: A blank entry next to a candidate's name denotes that a campaign donation return has not been received from that candidate at the time of the publication of this summary.

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Last updated: 18 June 2020