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Consultation closed on 02 April 2017

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Council has compiled the results of our 2021 and Beyond Survey conducted in early 2017.

The survey was designed to coordinate the collection of community views for input into 10 Council strategies and forward plans, which are being developed by Council in 2017, following the election of the new Council at the end of 2016.

The survey results will be incorporated into each of the draft plans, strategies, or reviews.

More than 900 people contributed to the survey, 700 online and 200 via hard copies.

Further opportunity will be provided to the community to provide feedback on these draft plans, strategies and reviews before they are finalised.

The three sections of the survey were:
Section 1: Managing our natural & built environments.
This section asked questions to provide feedback for development of Council’s:
1. Draft Public Open Space Strategy
2. Draft Vegetation & Landscape Strategy
3. Draft Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-2021
4. Draft Waste Management Strategy and consideration of a possible waste management charge for ratepayers
5. Review of the current Road Management Plan

Section 2: Promoting health & wellbeing

This section asked questions to provide evidence for development of Council’s:
1. Health & Wellbeing Partnership Plan 2017-2021
2. Draft Recreation Strategy
3. Draft Disability Action Plan

Section 3: Fostering connected, inclusive & respectful communities
This section asked questions to provide feedback for development of Council’s:
1. Multicultural Action Plan
2. Social health objectives within the Health & Wellbeing Partnership Plan
3. Review of the Monash Engagement Framework

In addition, a set of demographic questions were asked of respondents, to help Council understand who responded to the survey and how representative this survey sample was of the broader Monash community.

This analysis “About our survey sample”, can be found at the end of the report.

The results of the survey can be viewed below:

2021 and Beyond (pdf, 2MB)


In early 2017, Council sought community views on a wide range of matters, to help us develop 10 different long-term plans and strategies. The survey closed on Sunday 2 April 2017.

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to answer questions in our community survey 'Monash 2021 and beyond'.  Over 900 community members responded to our survey and 640 respondents chose to go in the draw to win a prize.

The prize winner was drawn by the Mayor Rebecca Paterson and notified on 11 April 2017. The prize was a choice of either a new iPhone 7 or a new iPad. Congratulations to Witold Czaplinski from Oakleigh!

The survey covered matters such as hard waste collections; safety in public places; health & wellbeing priorities; cat curfews and dog off-leash parks; and the condition of local roads and footpaths. Over coming months, we will be analysing the feedback and using it to develop long-term plans (identified below). Once drafts of each of these plans are developed, we will put the drafts out for community feedback.

In June 2017, a summary report on the survey feedback will be sent to everyone who requested a copy. The report will also be published on this page and in the Monash Bulletin community newsletter.

For more information, please contact Sally Everitt, Coordinator Consultation & Research, on 9518 3675 or at

Here's a list of the plans and strategies that the community's feedback will contribute towards:

Three Municipal Plans are being reviewed in 2017, in accord with Victorian law:

Seven Council strategies are being developed in 2017:


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