695 Warrigal Road, Chadstone (former Flower Power Garden Centre)

Council decision made 26 April 2017

695 Warrigal Road Chadstone proposed development

Council has approved a plan for a mixed-use development at 695 Warrigal Road, Chadstone.

The development will provide for two seven storey apartment towers (with one of the towers reduced in height from 11 storeys), 11 townhouses up to three storeys in height, a child care centre and supermarket and retail tenancies.

At its meeting on 26 April 2017, Council resolved to issue a Notice of Decision to Grant a Planning Permit, subject to the more than 40 conditions.

Before the development starts, three copies of amended plans drawn to scale and dimensioned must be submitted to and approved by Council.

The submitted plans must clearly portray and highlight the changes. Once approved, the plans will be endorsed and will form part of the permit.  

Below are some of the required modifications:

  • Reducing the height of the 11 storey apartment tower to seven storeys 
  • Increasing the front facade of townhouses orientated to Collins Street to 7.5m
  • Creating a minimum of a 12m setback from Collins Street for the level 2 eastern facade of townhouses
  • Providing each apartment with a balcony that has a minimum area of 8 square metres and minimum internal dimension of 1.6m 
  • Reducing the extent of paving and pedestrian paths within the Collins Street frontage to provide for additional landscaping and canopy tree planting 
  • Footpath along Collins Street must include a minimum 300mm setback from the eastern boundary 
  • Widening the aisle width adjacent to the southwest bank of townhouses to 6.4m 
  • Any solid structures within the pedestrian visibility splay are to be less than 1.2m in height with landscpaing maintained at lower than 900mm in height 
  • A minimum of one shower/change room required as part of the supermarket/shop development.

For more information, see the report which Council considered before making its decision: Report to Council meeting on 695 Warrigal Road, Chadstone (pdf, 655KB)

Enquiries: James Heitmann Principal Planner, on 9518 3628.

Submitted documents

Here are documents which were submitted to Council by the developer as part of the development application: 

Planning Permit Application (pdf, 271KB)

Planning Report (pdf, 5MB)

Architectural & Planning Submission - Urban Context, Part 1 (pdf, 4MB)

Architectural & Planning Submission - Urban Context, Part 2 (pdf, 7MB)

Architectural & Planning Submission - Urban Context, Part 3 (pdf, 10MB)

Architectural & Planning Submission - Urban Context, Part 4 (pdf, 9MB)

Architectural & Planning Submission - Urban Context, Part 5 (pdf, 5MB)

Plans - Part 1 (pdf, 6MB)

Plans - Part 2 (pdf, 7MB)

Survey Plan (pdf, 3MB)

Architectural & Planning Submission - Design Response, Part 1 (pdf, 9MB)

Architectural & Planning Submission-  Design Response, Part 2 (pdf, 9MB)

Architectural & Planning Submission - Development Summary, Materials & Finishes (pdf, 2MB)

Architectural & Planning Submission - Perspectives (pdf, 8MB)

Architectural & Planning Submission - Shadow Diagrams (pdf, 12MB)

Landscape Plans (pdf, 5MB)

Arboricultural Report (pdf, 843KB)

Sustainable Management Plan (pdf, 1MB)

Title (pdf, 147KB)

Traffic Engineering Assessment (pdf, 9MB)

Waste Management Plan (pdf, 116KB)

Please note: All plans submitted by the applicant are included on this page. Any break in the plan number sequence is due to the plans not existing.


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