Approved development at 1 Stafford St, Huntingdale

Council decision made 30 May 2017



In May 2017, Council approved a plan for a 4 storey apartment and retail complex at 1 Stafford Street (Huntingdale), subject to more than 35 conditions. 

The developer appealed conditions 1a and 1b of the planning permit to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), which required:

  • 1a - Level 5 of the development to be deleted 
  • 1b - The northern and southern facade of level 4 of the development to be recessed by a minimum of 5 metres from level 3. 

VCAT heard the merits of the application in February 2018 and has affirmed Council's decision and ordered that these 2 conditions remain on the planning permit. 

For more information, please see VCAT's decision on 1 Stafford Street, Huntingdale (doc, 69KB)

Enquiries: James Heitmann, Principal Planner, on 9518 3628. 


At its meeting on 30 May 2017, Council resolved to Grant a Planning Permit, subject to more than 35 conditions.

Council sought community feedback on the proposal and received no objections. 

Before the development starts, three copies of amended plans drawn to scale and dimensioned must be submitted to and approved by Council. 

The submitted plans must clearly portray and highlight the changes. Once approved, the plans will be endorsed and will form part of the permit. 

Below are some of the required modifications: 

  • Reducing the height of the 5 storey development to 4 storeys 
  • The northern and southern facade of level 4 recessed by a minimum of 5 metres from level 3 
  • Providing each apartment with a balcony that has a minimum area of 8 square metres and minimum internal dimension of 1.6 metres
  • A landscape plan prepared by a landscape architect must be submitted to Council and must show:
    • the location of all existing trees and other vegetation to be retained on the site
    • provide for canopy trees with spreading crowns located throughout the site including the major open space areas
    • planting to soften the appearance of hard surface areas such as driveways and other paved areas
    • a schedule of all proposed trees, shrubs and ground cover, which will include the size of all plants, their location, botanical names and the location of all areas to be covered by grass, lawn, mulch etc

For more information, see the report which Council considered before making its decision: Report to Council meeting on 1 Stafford St, Huntingdale (pdf, 512KB)

Submitted documents

Here are documents that were submitted by the developer.

Town Planning Report (pdf, 347KB)

Plans (pdf, 5MB)


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