Approved development at 4-6 Windmill Court and 101-127 Whalley Drive, Wheelers Hill

Community feedback sought by 06 February 2018


Council has approved a proposal for a three-storey building addition to the existing Residential Aged Care Facility at 4-6 Windmill Court and 101-127 Whalley Drive, Wheelers Hill. 

The $8.9 million development will include the construction of a three storey residential aged care facility (attached to the existing Windmill Court premises), associated buildings and works, reduction in the applicable car parking requirement and removal of vegetation. 

At its February 2018 meeting, Council resolved to issue a Notice of Decision to Grant a Planning Permit, subject to more than 40 conditions. 

Council sought community feedback on the proposal and received four objections. 

Before the development starts, three copies of amended plans drawn to scale and dimensioned must be submitted to and approved by Council. 

The submitted plans must clearly portray and highlight the changes. Once approved, the plans will be endorsed and will form part of the permit.  

Below are some of the required modifications:

  • Provision of bicycle parking spaces including associated amenities in accordance with the nursing home rate as required by Clause 52.34
  • Car parking spaces along Jury Street relocated elsewhere within the site and landscaping reinstated along the Jury Street frontage 
  • Detailed plans of car parking spaces within the Windmill Court porte cochere including swept path analysis 
  • A corner splay or area at least 50% clear of visual obstructions (or with a height of less than 1.2 metres), which may include adjacent landscaping areas with a height of less than 0.9 metres, extending at least 2.0 metres long x 2.5 metres deep (within the property) from the edge of the exit lane of each vehicle crossing to provide a clear view of pedestrians on the footpath of Windmill Court and Jury Street access points 
  • Existing car spaces along the western side of Batty Street utilised for shipping container storage re-instated as staff car parking associated with the approved development.

For more information, see the report which Council considered before making its decision: Report to Council meeting on 4-6 Windmill Court and 101-127 Whalley Drive, Wheelers Hill. (pdf, 707KB)

Enquiries: James Heitmann, Principal Planner, on 9518 3628.

About the proposal

The applicant proposed a $8.9 million development, including:

  • Construction of a three storey building located to the east of the existing Windmill Court aged care facility, including an internal connection within the existing premises
  • An increase of 45 additional beds
  • Removing the independent living units (numbers 134-136) within the existing Cumberland View Retirement Village, to make way for the proposed new building
  • Removal of five existing trees in the vicinity of the works and further landscaping of the site with advanced canopy trees
  • A total of twenty-three (23) car spaces associated with the development including ten (10) additional car parking spaces comprising of:
    • Four (4) new spaces along Jury Street (a private road within the site)
    • Three (3) additional spaces within the under croft carpark of the existing Windmill Court aged care building via the addition of car stackers 
    • Three (3) additional formalised parallel car parking spaces along the Windmill Court drop-off area within the site
  • The application seeks a reduction/waiver of one (1) car space having regard to the applicable planning scheme car parking requirement. 

The facility will be managed and operated in conjunction with Cumberland View Retirement Village. 

Planning documents

Here are the documents that have been submitted by the applicant: 

Title (pdf, 4MB)  

Application Form (pdf, 1MB)  

Plans (pdf, 17MB)

Planning Report (pdf, 13MB)  

Arboriculture Statement (pdf, 6MB)  

Sustainability Management Plan (pdf, 14MB)  

Traffic Report (pdf, 14MB)  

Landscape Report (pdf, 14MB)


Cumberland View Retirement Village, 4-6 Windmill Court, Wheelers Hill 3150 View Map

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