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EOI closed on 17 January 2020

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In 2019 Monash Council provided sports clubs and their members with a unique opportunity to identify strengths and opportunities to promote gender equality in their club to create more inclusive and welcoming club environments.

We delivered phase 1 of our Community Leaders United by Sport (CLUBS) gender equality initiative within 10 sporting clubs in the City of Monash focusing on the development of culture change champions (Club Champions) and shared our learnings more broadly with all sports clubs at an open celebration forum in June.

Now it’s time for phase 2 and we were looking for 10 additional clubs to take part in this exciting initiative in 2020.

Applications closed on Friday 17 January 2020.

CLUBS is led by the City of Monash in partnership with Link Health & Community and Monash University, and has been funded through Sport and Recreation Victoria.

Program Objectives

To promote gender equality in sport and recreation within the City of Monash by:

  1. Challenging gender stereotypes and roles to create environments where everyone feels equal and respected;
  2. Increasing women’s participation in all aspects of sport and recreation including decision-making.

How will CLUBS be delivered?

All Monash clubs are invited to submit an expression of interest nominating 2-3 Club Champions. This process will evaluate club readiness to participate. Buy-in and ongoing support will be required from the club’s administration to assist the champions to implement culture change. Ten clubs will be selected through this process.

A dedicated Council Project Officer will be employed part time to provide support to the club champions. The Council Officer will work together with the representatives to identify specific tools and actions that can help to provide opportunities within your club to create respectful and inclusive sports environments.


To apply, your club could nominate 2-3 Club Champions who will be able to commit to the program and represent your sporting club. They should be passionate about making improvements to gender equality at their club. A mix of both active players and members of the board/committee is essential (e.g. at least 1 player and 1 committee member).

Please note: The expression of interest will be assessed against other applications to determine which clubs will receive support. All sports clubs in the City of Monash are eligible to apply.

For more information, call Liz Fitzgerald, CLUBS Project Officer, on 9518 3425 or email


These representatives from each club if successful will have the opportunity to:

  • Share with Council their thoughts and priorities for gender equity at their club
  • Identify the greatest change they can make to support their club to create an inclusive and respectful environment
  • Receive leadership training
  • Be supported by council to develop and implement an action plan for positive change within the club
  • Collaborate with other champions from clubs in Monash in a supportive network

Club champions will participate in focus groups that will identify and explore key issues and actions common amongst participating clubs to encourage a deeper understanding of the barriers to gender equity in sports clubs from a player and committee member perspective. The nominated representatives will also participate in leadership training to develop skills and build capacity to implement change.

How will successful clubs be supported?

Clubs that participate in this program will benefit from Council’s support and will be well placed to become leaders in the community in gender equality. Working alongside Council will help to highlight the community benefit clubs provide. By successfully completing the program, sports clubs will be better positioned to apply for future funding opportunities to grow their club – something we saw firsthand after our first phase.

We know from our 2019 cohort that the program contributes to a range of benefits to clubs and individuals including:

  • A leadership training course for nominated champions
  • Opportunity to express views for change
  • An improved and welcoming club environment
  • More women being included on club committees
  • Increased membership
  • New teams – e.g. one club fielded a women’s team for the first time ever following our program
  • Access to new range of skills and abilities on and off the field
  • Accessing a larger pool of volunteers
  • Clubs being more representative of their communities

And, in 2020 there will also be promotional opportunities including option to be involved in a video following their journey through the program.

What does being a part of CLUBS look like?

The training and support program is available at no cost to successful clubs, through a grant from Sport and Recreation Victoria.

Each club champion will agree to commit to be involved in the CLUBS activities to be run between January and September 2020 with approximately one commitment per month. Suitable times and dates will be decided on in consultation with the successful clubs but will include:

  • Attendance at one focus group to be held early 2020;
  • Attendance at 4 leadership training sessions; and
  • Attendance at forums open to all sports clubs.

Successful clubs agree to participate and support a City of Monash evaluation administered by the CLUBS Project Officer.

For additional support, a Community of Practice of champions that was established in the 2019 program will be continued and club champions from each cohort will be able to attend to support and learn from each other.


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