Cultural and Recreational Lands Act Policy Review

Consultation closed on 20 March 2018

Council sought feedback on its Cultural and Recreational Lands Act (CRLA) policy (until Tuesday 20 March 2018).

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This policy relates to 10 properties in Monash that are eligible for an ‘in lieu of rates’ charge.

These properties are:

  • Riversdale Golf Club
  • Glen Iris Valley Recreation Club
  • Victorian Homing Pigeon Association
  • Metropolitan Golf Club
  • Oakleigh and Caulfield District Angling Club
  • Huntingdale Golf Club
  • Mulgrave Country Club
  • Hawthorn Football Club Ltd (oval)
  • Hawthorn Football Club Ltd
  • Oakleigh Rifle Club Inc.


Under the Cultural and Lands Act, if land is defined as ‘recreational lands’ it does not pay rates under the Local Government Act 1989. Instead a charge in lieu of rates that is considered reasonable is paid to Council.

The policy has not been reviewed since 2002 and Council believes it is time to review the policy to see if it is fair and reasonable.

Under the current policy, Council considers as part of its budget process the Council services used by each property occupier and the benefit their land provides to the community.

A charge in lieu of rates is decided, usually a discount of around 61% for these properties compared to the rates they would pay if they fell under the usual rate system.

This discount is because these properties don’t use many of the services that Council provides to other properties, for example many have their own waste collections and therefore are not charged for waste services. A discount is also applied as the business may provide benefit to the community through its operation.

For more information, please read the report to Council Meeting (31 October 2017):

Cultural and Recreational Lands Act (CRLA) Policy Review (pdf, 176KB)

Next steps

Council has employed CT Consulting to facilitate the review by meeting with the property owners to seek their views regarding the policy and discuss options.  The review will also determine if there are additional properties in Monash which may be eligible under the CRLA policy.

This consultation was held during February/March 2018. Council was also keen to hear from other stakeholders and the community on the review.

A report on the revised policy was expected to go before Council in April 2018 with any changes to the policy and charges in lieu, with these changes to be effective from July 2018/19.

More information

For more information, or a hard copy of the survey, call Lorraine Borneman, Project Accountant, on 9518 3646 or email


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