Development Plan: Former Brandon Park Secondary College site

Council decision made on 13 December 2016

Retirement Village Brandon Park - concept

Council has approved a plan for an aged care facility and retirement living (independent apartments) on the former Brandon Park Secondary School site in Wheelers Hill.

The owner of this site is Ryman Healthcare, which also operates the Weary Dunlop retirement village in Jells Road, Wheelers Hill.

At its meeting on 13 December 2016, Council approved the development plan for the former school site, subject to the following modifications:

  • The provision of six (6) to twenty (23) indented parking spaces along the southern side of Collegium Avenue to the satisfaction of Council and at full cost to the applicant. Any new street tree planting / streetscape works required/ proposed will be at full cost to the applicant.
  • The provision of a signalised pedestrian crossing across Brandon Park Drive. The location and type of crossing will be to the satisfaction of Council and installed at full cost to the applicant.
  • Any subsequent planning permit application for this Development Plan must provide a full assessment against clause 52.17 of the Monash Planning Scheme in relation to any existing trees on site which are earmarked to be removed, and which are identified as being native to Victoria.
  • Planting of at least 6 mature trees (minimum 3 metres in height when planted) to replace those trees rated as having ‘moderate’ retention value which will be removed from ‘tree group 6’ in the Treelogic Arboricultural Assessment 26 April 2013.
  • Building B04 reduced in height to no more than 3-storeys adjacent to the southern boundary (the Monash Special Development School) of the site. To accommodate the reduction in units from B04, the following could occur:
    (a) Relocating a portion of the 901.44 square metre “corner reserve” to the eastern end of the “east west park” by shortening the southern wing of the Building B04.
    (b) Extending Building B03 to the north by up to 4-storeys while maintaining a 15 metre setback from Collegium Avenue. These changes are to be to the satisfaction of the Responsible Authority.
  • The east-west pedestrian and bicycle link to be provided as a shared path with a minimum width of 3 metres.
  • An additional 19 car spaces to be provided on site.
  • The Development Plan to be amended to show the future use/development of the land on the corner of Brandon Park Drive and Academy Street (south west corner) and how it integrates with the site and surrounds.

Here is the report which Council considered before making its decision: Former Brandon Park Secondary College site - Council report 13 December 2016. (pdf, 639KB)

If you would like to discuss this matter with Council, please contact Sue Monagle, Principal Planner, on 9518 3068.

Next steps

The development plan provides a broad master plan for how the site will be used and developed.

The owner of the site will still be required to submit a more detailed planning permit application to Council. If the application is "generally in accordance" with the approved development plan, then Council is required to approve the permit without further community consultation. Residents won't have the right to appeal to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

This is because when the State Government sold the site in 2014, it was sold with a Development Plan Overlay (DPO) on the site. Under a DPO, residents do not have the right to appeal to VCAT.

It was for this reason that Council opposed the former State Government's decision to place a DPO on the site. Council asked the former State Government to reconsider its decision to impose a Development Plan Overlay on the site. However, the former State Government proceeded to sell the site with a DPO in place.

Submitted development plan

Here are the documents which were submitted to Council by the developer as part of the development plan application:

Comprehensive Care Retirement Village - Development Plan

Development Plan - Title and Table of Contents (pdf, 19MB)

Development Plan - section 1: Introduction (pdf, 3MB)

Development Plan - section 2: Site Assessment (pdf, 12MB)

Development Plan - section 3: Policy Context (pdf, 9MB)

Development Plan - section 4: Description of Proposed Retirement Village (pdf, 21MB)

Development Plan - sections 5-7: Policy Analysis, Community Benefit, Next Steps (pdf, 6MB)


Appendix A - Architectural Drawings

Appendix B - Urban Design Report: Part 1 (pdf, 22MB)

Appendix B - Urban Design Report: Part 2 (pdf, 20MB)

Appendix C - Urban Design Peer Review (pdf, 915KB)

Appendix D - Landscaping Plan And Report (pdf, 476KB)

Appendix E - Traffic Engineering Assessment (pdf, 14MB)

Appendix F - Stormwater Infrastructure Report (pdf, 2MB)
Level 1 and Site Drainage Plan (pdf, 1MB)
Bulk Excavation and Site Works Plan (pdf, 725KB)
Bulk Excavation Sections - East West, Sheet 1 (pdf, 308KB)
Bulk Excavation Sections - East West, Sheet 2 (pdf, 278KB)
Bulk Excavation Sections - North South, Sheet 1 (pdf, 359KB)
Bulk Excavation Sections - North South, Sheet 2 (pdf, 252KB)

Appendix G - Services Infrastructure Investigation (pdf, 550KB)
      Attachments - Basement (pdf, 2MB) , Ground Floor (pdf, 2MB)

Appendix H - Geotechnical and Pavement Investigation (pdf, 7MB)

Appendix H - Detailed Site Investigation (pdf, 15MB)


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