Draft Waste Management Strategy and Hard Waste Collection Options

Consultation closed on 11 December 2017

We know that waste services are one of the most important we provide to you. That’s why we asked the Monash community in October/November 2017 whether our hard waste collection was meeting their needs.  Of 105,780 surveys posted out to residents, more than 30,000 were returned. 

Following the community’s feedback on two options, at its 30 January 2018 meeting, Council voted to keep the current once a year hard waste collection service on a date set by Council with an option for residents to add one at-call collection each year, at a cost of up to $150 to the householder.
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Waste management strategy

January 2018 update

At its 30 January 2018 meeting, Council adopted Waste Management Strategy (2017-2027).

Waste Management Strategy (2017-2027) (PDF, 4MB) (pdf, 4MB)

More information:

Report to Council's 30 January 2018 meeting (PDF, 197KB) (pdf, 197KB)

Hard Waste Collection - survey results (PDF, 528KB) (pdf, 528KB)


December 2017 update

Monash Council has prepared its draft waste management strategy to guide the way waste is managed in the municipality over the next 10 years (from 2017-2027), to prepare for the future of the waste industry and deliver a sustainable and effective service to the community. Council has identified five goals that will underpin Council’s commitment to waste management and the community. They are:

  • To increase waste diversion from landfill;
  • To minimise waste generation;
  • Leading the way;
  • Serving our customers; and
  • Pride in our city.

Council sought feedback on its Draft Waste Management Strategy including community preferences on two hard waste collection options. In our most recent consultation with Monash residents, you told us you would prefer the flexibility of an at-call service for hard waste collection.  

The first option would retain the current annual hard waste collection with the addition of an at-call collection service for a fee.

The second option provides for an enhanced hard waste collection enabling you to access up to six at-call pickups of hard waste, green waste and cardboard. You get to choose when you use the service.

More detailed information on the draft waste strategy can be viewed at Draft Waste Management Strategy (pdf, 3MB), considered at Council's Meeting on 26 September 2017.

Hard waste collection options

Council was seeking community feedback on two options for the collection of hard waste:

Option 1: Existing Annual Hard Waste Collection

This is based on the current service and involves keeping the existing annual hard waste collection in August-September. There would be the opportunity to book an extra hard waste pickup at a time convenient to you. The cost will be up to $150 to the householder and if you do not use the additional service there will be no extra charges. 


Option 2: New Enhanced Service

This enhanced service offers up to six at-call collections which include two for hard waste, two for bundled green waste and two for cardboard. You get to choose when you use the service and it can be booked by every household at times that suit you throughout the year.

We believe we can offer these improved services to you for an increased cost of $12.70-$17.80 on average per residential property. The exact cost will not be known until we tender for the new service.

Your current weekly and fortnightly bin collection does not change.

Costs estimates for both options

Option 1:

The only additional cost is if you choose to take up the extra hard waste pickup, estimated at up to $150. We would expect that this would be paid by the person who books the service (usually the householder).

Option 2:

Your municipal rates notice will look different. It will be made up of three charges; general rate, the environmental charge and the bin charge.  Importantly your general rate charge will reduce under Option 2 as costs for the waste and bin services are currently included in the general rate charge. These costs will be removed from the general rate and these two charges will now be separately itemised.

The new enhanced at-call service will cost more than the existing annual hard waste collection and based on other neighbouring Councils we expect this increased cost to be around $1million - $1.4million more than the current service. This works out to be an increase, on average, between $12.70 - $17.80 per residential property. This cost will be included in the separate environmental charge.

The separate environmental charge will be based on the Capital Improved Value of your property. The environmental charge will cover the cost of the new service and other current services including, dumped waste, activity centre cleaning, street sweeping, litter bin clearance and public toilet cleaning. The environmental charge will be around $73 for the average residential property valued at $899,859 and will include the cost of the new services.  The value of your property will determine the exact amount for your environmental charge.

The bin charge will cover a standard 120L bin for garbage collection, a 240L bin for green waste and a 240L bin for recycling. These three bins will cost $165. If you choose a larger 240L bin for garbage collection, the cost for the three bins is increased to $289.

Option 2 also includes the choice of supporting a pensioner discount of up to 50%. If Council is to introduce this enhanced service we also want to know how you would feel about Council reducing the cost of the service for pensioners, with the cost shared by other ratepayers. If half the cost was subsidised you would carry an extra $14 per annum. This would reflect Council’s strong commitment to supporting our pensioners – many of whom have lived in and contributed to our community for a number of years.

Option 1 and Option 2 - Comparison (pdf, 463KB)

Have your say

A survey has been sent to all ratepayers and residents in Monash, asking them to choose between Option 1 and 2 and also indicate whether they support a discount for pensioners.

Make sure you have your say. Please indicate your preferred options on the survey form enclosed and return it in the reply-paid envelope by Monday, 11 December 2017.

Council will consider the survey results when deciding how to proceed and will keep the Monash community informed of its decision.

The annual hard waste collection will continue as usual in 2018. If Council pursues Option 2 this new enhanced service would start in early 2019.

Information sessions

Please feel free to attend one of the information sessions below where officers will provide a presentation as well as an opportunity to discuss individual queries. 

Alternatively please contact customer service on (03) 9518 3555 or email us at mail@monash.vic.gov.au

Thursday 9 November 2017
10am-noon & 6pm-8pm
Monash Civic Centre, 293 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley

Thursday 16 November 2017
Monash Seminar and Training Centre, 1A Atherton Road, Oakleigh

Council Resolution

Council is always looking at ways to improve its services. On the 26 September Council formally considered options for the future delivery of waste services. At the meeting Council resolved to survey residents to establish what the community prefers. This resolution is below.

That Council:

  1. receives the Waste Management Strategy Discussion Paper, Community Engagement Report, Long Term Projected Waste Budget and Waste Charge Options Report;

  2. having considered these documents, and noting the previous in-principle resolution of Council to implement a separate waste charge and the community support for an enhanced hard waste collection service, now resolves to consult with the community on the following two options:

    a. Option 1: Maintaining the status quo approach as proposed in the officer report with an additional hard waste collection service available at a cost of up to $150;
    b. Option 2: Introducing an enhanced waste collection service based on two at-call hard waste collections, two at-call bundled green waste collections and two at-call cardboard collections per year for each property with a separate Environmental Charge (CIV based) and a Bin Charge in line with what is set out in this report with the exception that the proposed pensioner Bin Charge discount also be a matter for consultation and that maintenance of the proportional split between the rates paid by commercial/industrial and residential properties be a matter for consideration as part of the 2018/19 budget process.

  3. releases the Draft Waste Management Strategy and the proposed waste charges with an at-call service (Option 2) for community consultation including:

    a. writing a letter to all residents and ratepayers setting out a comparison between the costs and services associated with either option and seeking responses as to which option they prefer; and
    b. consultation with the Environmental Advisory Committee.

You can also read the officer Report to Council (pdf, 682KB) where you will notice that Council amended the officer recommendation to the resolution as presented above.
Further information informing Council’s decision is available at Waste Management Strategy Alternative Recommendation (pdf, 886KB).


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