Amended Development Plan: Former Oakleigh South Primary School site

Views on previous proposal were sought: 22 July 2016

In August 2016, aged care provider Bupa was announced as the new owner of the former school site in Beryl Avenue, Oakleigh South.

It is early days in terms of what Bupa will propose for the site but we expect their plans will be much more respectful of the surrounding neighbourhood than the previous massive ugly concrete proposal. In particular, we would expect:

  • Bupa will have a far smaller building footprint with lots of open space and vegetation
  • Trees identified for retention in the Development Plan Overlay will be retained
  • Increased traffic from a massive housing development was a major concern for local residents whereas an aged care facility would be expected to result in significantly less traffic movements in and out of the site.

For more information, see Council's 24 August 2016 media release: Breakthrough in dispute over former school site in Oakleigh South.

If you have any questions, please contact James Heitmann, Principal Planner, on 9518 3628.

Previous proposals

In July/August 2016, Council sought community feedback about an amended development proposal for the site. This proposal was put forward by the site's previous owner/developer Oakleigh Garden Pty Ltd. Council received more than 1,160 submissions from the community, objecting to the proposal.

At its meeting on 30 August 2016, Council refused the amended development proposal, citing several grounds, including that the scale and density was excessive, and that the proposal would integrate poorly with the neighbourhood character of the surrounding area. To read more about Council's assessment of the proposal, see: 1.5 Report to 30 August Council meeting (pdf, 499KB)

This came after Council refused the developer's original plan for the site in 2015, with more than 1,100 local residents having objected to that plan. The developer subsequently appealed against Council's decision to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). As part of the VCAT review, the developer chose to amend the proposal. The amended proposal was what Council and the community considered in mid-2016.

In early October 2016, Council was advised that the developer Oakleigh Garden Pty Ltd had withdrawn their VCAT appeal. The site's new owner Bupa will now begin developing its proposal for the site.


In 2014, the former State Government rezoned the site to Residential and placed a Development Plan Overlay on the site. The site was then sold.

The new owner Oakleigh Garden Pty Ltd then submitted a Development Plan to Council which provided a broad master plan for how they proposed the site be used and developed. They proposed a three storey apartment building (with up to 65 apartments) and 56 townhouses (mainly two storey with some three storey). More than 1,100 community members objected to the proposed plan. At its 29 September 2015 meeting, Council refused the development plan. To find out more about Council's decision, read this media release (Development plans for school sites refused).

You may also be interested in this report by Council's planning staff, which Council considered before making its decision: 1 Beryl Avenue, Oakleigh South: Application for Development Plan Approval (pdf, 843KB)

The former State Government's decision to place a Development Plan Overlay on the site reduced the rights of residents to object to development on the site. It is for this reason that Council asked the former State Government to reconsider its decision to impose a Development Plan Overlay on the site. However, the former State Government proceeded to sell the site with a Development Plan Overlay in place.



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