Freeway Reserve Masterplan

Feedback sought by 30 May 2016

Freeway Reserve aerial photo

Council sought community feedback on a draft Masterplan for Freeway Reserve, Mulgrave. The aim is to make the reserve better for the future and to keep pace with the changing needs of the local community. The survey closed on 30 May 2016.

Masterplan - what is proposed?

For more information, please contact Manager Active Monash on 9518 3561.

Masterplan - what is proposed?

Please read the Masterplan for Freeway Reserve, adopted at the 31 May 2016 Council meeting.

The Key Strategic Directions proposed in the Masterplan are listed below (in no specific order or priority). This should be read in conjunction with viewing the illustrated masterplan drawing (above).

Key Strategic Directions

Sporting and recreation
1. Realign the two concrete wickets to achieve minimum 60m radius cricket ovals and three full size soccer fields (100m x 68m, with 3m run-offs)
2. Improve the condition of the playing surface of the sports fields by completing the installation of sub-surface irrigation and drainage, and conversion of the playing surface to warm season grasses
3. Replace the open swale across the northern section of the playing fields with underground drainage, and remove the cricket practice net. Regrade and oversow the area to create a new overflow sports training area that will also be suitable for unstructured recreation activities
4. Install new floodlighting on the overflow sports training area (two new light poles)
5. Install a new two bay cricket practice facility and soccer goal storage infrastructure on the eastern side of the southern soccer field
6. Construct a new terraced seating area with shelter within the western embankment, and adjacent to the sports fields
7. Relocate the archery range 10m east to enable up to two additional permanent targets to be installed
8. Provide a new or expanded clubroom for the Waverley City Archers (approx. 200sqm)
9. Undertake a feasibility study to investigate the provision of a new shared, joint-use indoor archery range and fencing facility in the reserve (approx. 600sqm). The feasibility study should include assessment of the need, the optimal layout and configuration of the indoor spaces, optimal site, likely capital and operation costs, and optimal management arrangements
10. Install 10 new fitness stations along the length of the circular path
11. Install two new sheltered picnic facilities: one in the northern section of the park, and one in the southern section. Both to have a dual function as picnic shelters and spectator/ cricket scorer tables
12. Provide a new exploratory play opportunity for children adjacent to the proposed new sheltered picnic facility in the northern section of the park.

Traffic Management
13. Form parallel parking along the southern side of the access road (up to 28 spaces), and install bollards along the northern edge to facilitate uninterrupted two-way traffic flow
14. Install a splitter island on the access road at the point where the road curves, to keep vehicles travelling in opposite directions separated, and to provide a safe crossing for pedestrians
15. Construct additional car parking (approx. 45 additional car spaces), and change the vehicle flow through the middle and southern car parks to one-way
16. Construct a new crossover access into the reserve from Wellington Road for use by emergency vehicles and other authorised vehicles.

Pedestrians and Access
17. Construct three new pedestrian/ cyclist access points into the reserve to the circular path in the southwest corner: two to be stair access; one to be ramp access
18. Construct a new path inside the proposed new parallel car parking along the reserve access road between Kernot Avenue and the sports buildings
19. Construct stair access down the inside of the embankment in two places: at the southwest corner; and as part of the proposed terracing within the western embankment
20. Construct a new path (accessible for people of all abilities) between the archery clubrooms and the shooting line.

21. Consider converting the triangular vegetated area in the northern corner of the reserve into an ephemeral wetland with new path and boardwalk viewing platform
22. Strengthen the planting along the Wellington Road boundary
23. Install new and upgraded signage throughout the reserve, including directional and regulatory signage. Where appropriate, consider installing some interpretive signage throughout the reserve that can provide information about the water detention and water management functions of the reserve.


About the Reserve

The reserve is located between Monash Freeway and Wellington Road in Mulgrave, adjacent to Mazenod College. It is currently designated as a ‘dog off-leash’ park, and has the following facilities:

  • 3 soccer pitches
  • 2 cricket ovals
  • cricket practice nets
  • archery range
  • circuit walking track with ten fitness stations.

What you told us....

To help develop a masterplan, Council sought ideas and feedback from local residents and groups which regularly use the reserve. Schools that use the reserve were also contacted.

Here are the results of a survey conducted earlier in 2016: Infographic (pdf, 860KB).



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