Draft Monash Open Space Strategy

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Holmesglen Reserve, Ashwood

Council adopted the Monash Open Space Strategy at its 30 October 2018 meeting. It will be used to guide Council in providing open space now and in the future. The Strategy looks at what the future needs of the community might be over the next 10 years and how to plan for them.

For more information on the adopted Monash Open Space Strategy, please visit Strategic Planning: Monash Open Space Strategy:

The adopted Strategy was prepared in response to community feedback that Council sought on a draft strategy during October 2017.


February 2018

The draft Monash Open Space Strategy was prepared in response to the community’s desire for more open space.

Consultation on the draft strategy was undertaken during September and October of 2017 (comments on the Interactive map, survey and email submissions). A summary of the consultation that was undertaken, the responses received and the officer response was reported to Council at its 27 February 2018 meeting.

For more information, please read the report which Council considered:

1.1 Draft Monash Open Space Strategy Consultation Summary (pdf, 208KB)

Attachment 1 - Submission Responses (pdf, 633KB)

Attachment 2 - Map (pdf, 312KB)

In preparing the adopted strategy Council updated the implementation plan to include:

  • Reviewing the funding mechanisms for new public open space and capacity improvements to existing public open space.
  • An investigation of the options for Developer Contributions.
  • The development of an assessment program to assist in the implementation of the open space strategy and prioritising improvements to the open space network

October 2017

Council sought community feedback (comments on the Interactive map, survey and email submissions) on the draft Monash Open Space Strategy until Friday 27 October 2017. Community members were invited to attend drop-in information sessions held in various venues throughout the City of Monash in October 2017.

For more background information, please see the report which Council considered at its 25 July 2017 meeting:

Report to Council meeting on Draft Monash Open Space Strategy - content and recommendations (pdf, 209KB)

Draft Monash Open Space Strategy

Executive summary (pdf, 171KB)

Introduction (pdf, 543KB)

Convenient and functional open space to serve the growing population (pdf, 628KB)

Open space to suit increasing density (pdf, 274KB)

Trail circuits to move through open space and connect with nature (pdf, 254KB)

Managing spaces for sustainable sport (pdf, 155KB)

Involving community and encouraging more people to benefit from open space (pdf, 360KB)

Gaps in distribution and opportunities- by precinct (pdf, 23MB)

Funding the implementation of this strategy (pdf, 162KB)

Summary of recommended actions (pdf, 134KB)

Appendices (pdf, 159KB)

Interactive Map - comments


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