Nature Strip Planting Guidelines

Consultation closing on 16 May 2014

Council recently sought community feedback about proposed guidelines for residents to follow if they wish to plant on Monash's nature strips.

The consulation period ended on Monday 16 May 2014. Council will consider all community feedback before deciding whether to introduce the guidelines.

The guidelines aim to assist residents who are keen to plant and maintain indigenous vegetation on the nature strip at the front of their property.

Naturestrip Planting Guidelines (pdf, 1MB)

Monash's Environmental Advisory Committee initiated the guidelines as a way of maintaining and improving Monash's "garden city" characteristics.

Under the guidelines, residents would be allowed to plant indigenous ground covers such as the Cup-Leaf Daisy, low growing plants such as the Button Everlasting, and grasses, and lilies and irises including the Chocolate Lily.

Residents interested in undertaking this planting would need to first apply for a free permit from Council. As part of this permit, they would need to agree to maintain the nature strip in a safe and presentable manner. To ensure pedestrians and motorists have a good view of the road from all directions, plants would not be allowed to grow above 50 centimetres.

Residents would not be allowed to plant vegetables, due to concerns about possible soil pollution and the effects of exhaust fumes. They would need to ensure street trees were protected from damage at all times. Under the guidelines, residents may be allowed to install artificial grass if it does not interfere with an existing street tree.

The guidelines may encourage more residents to take pride in their nature strips. Many residents have expressed concerns to Council about unmaintained nature strips in their neighbourhoods. To help address this, Council is investigating introducing a local law under which residents could be fined for refusing to maintain the nature strip at the front of their property.


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