Oakleigh Public Transport Precinct Proposal

Consultation closed on 08 October 2018

Oakleigh Activity Centre Transport Interchange proposal

Community consultation on the Oakleigh Activity Centre Transport Interchange Design Review (pdf, 38MB) , undertaken in September and October 2018, received 176 responses with 60% of those in support of the proposal.

The responses were strongly in support of the need for work to be carried on the appearance and amenity of the public areas around the transport precinct. The issue of existing parking constraints and a concern at loss of parking also rated highly.

Traffic congestion, pedestrian safety, and high rise developments were also raised by the community as areas of high interest.

Council officers will draw on the responses for ongoing design development work in this precinct, and further consultation with key stakeholders.

The community feedback, together with the proposals outlined in the Review, will guide Council in its approach to advocating for public realm improvements at the Oakleigh transport hub.

Report to Council meeting:

Oakleigh Transport Interchange Design Review: Community Feedback Summary (pdf, 879KB)

Oakleigh is undergoing an urban transition, underpinned by increased population growth, land value increases and infrastructure growth.

Council is keen to ensure that as Oakleigh changes, the public and public spaces are able to benefit from this and the area remains a vibrant, safe, enjoyable and prosperous centre and also embraces the opportunities offered by regeneration.


The Oakleigh Activity Centre Transport Interchange Design Review (pdf, 38MB) was out for public comment until 8 October 2018.

The key themes of the proposal are to:

  • Protect and reinforce the qualities and character of the village
  • Encourage higher value use of the land around the station
  • Enhance experience when using and arriving in Oakleigh by public transport
  • Improve the pedestrian environment and connectivity to Oakleigh Station and bus interchange

The proposal frames an integrated vision for the station precinct based on four key aspects:

  1. Extended Activity - drawing of pedestrian activity to both sides of the station and extending Oakleigh’s vibrant retail precinct to the southern side of the railway line
  2. Station Forecourt – creation of a high quality, attractive arrival experience and safer pedestrian environment that connects the station with the bus interchange and surrounding Oakleigh Village
  3. Connected Pedestrian Network – extension of the streetscape character of the Village Centre towards the transport hub, while improving bus movements and removing barriers to walking and cycling
  4. Consolidated Parking – facilitation of integrated, mixed-use developments on the substantial car park site, while accommodating equivalent or increased commuter parking, will redress the sense of isolation and expansive asphalt areas around the transport hub and bring increased patronage for local shops and businesses, as well as activity levels on the streets.


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