Proposal to install new tennis courts at Caloola Reserve

Consultation closed on 17 July 2017

Caloola Reserve Preliminary Concept Plan



Council resolved at its 29 August 2017 meeting to begin the tender process for the installation of eight synthetic grass tennis courts with LED lighting at Caloola Reserve (stage 1).

This fantastic new tennis facility will become home to the Oakleigh and North Oakleigh Tennis Clubs, improving tennis infrastructure in Oakleigh and providing more opportunities for people to play tennis. 

The construction of eight courts means will see the current brick pavilion demolished to provide the required space for the project. The resident soccer and cricket clubs and tennis clubs will be housed in temporary buildings until a new multi-sport pavilion is designed and constructed (stage 2).  

As part of its decision making, Council considered feedback that local community members had provided on the proposal. Council received more than 39 responses to its survey (the response was overwhelmingly positive with 32 for the project and seven against) and is grateful to those who contributed their views.

From that feedback, Council has committed to a number of measures to protect the amenity of local residents, including more regular parking patrols, reducing light spillage from the courts, and the addition of a basketball half court in stage 2.
If you wish, you can read the report from  the August 29 Council meeting:

 Council reports 29 August, 2017

You can also watch the Council meeting at

Works to install the tennis courts are set to begin in late 2017 and be completed by April 2018.  

Tto provide further feedback about the tennis courts or measures to protect the amenity of local residents, contact David Shepard, Manager - Active Monash, on 9518 3561 or at


Council resolved at its 27 June meeting to begin discussions with the Oakleigh and Oakleigh North Tennis Clubs regarding the possible relocation of these tennis clubs to Caloola Reserve.

As part of the decision making process, Council invited local community members to provide feedback on the proposal.

Council sought community feedback until Monday 17 July 2017.

If you have any questions regarding the proposal, please contact David Shepard, Manager - Active Monash, on 9518 3561 or at

If it goes ahead, the project would see the development of up to eight (8) new floodlit tennis courts along the southern boundary of the reserve and the demolition of the old tennis facilities at the Oakleigh Recreation Centre in early 2018. 

Council is considering the redevelopment the old brick pavilion at Caloola Reserve as part of Council’s 2019/20 capital works program.  If the tennis clubs relocate to Caloola, a new shared use multi-sport facility would be developed in the centre of the reserve to accommodate users of the reserve. 

A preliminary concept plan of what is being proposed at Caloola Reserve is detailed below:

Caloola Reserve - Preliminary Concept Plan (PDF, 122KB)

The tennis courts and pavilion works are likely to happen in the next few years while other elements of this concept plan may take longer to deliver and are subject to Council’s budget considerations.

The relocation of the Oakleigh Tennis Club will provide additional space on the Oakleigh Recreation Centre site to ensure the best possible design for the new Oakleigh Recreation Centre Indoor Stadium and Waverley Gymnastics facility which is being delivered as part of Council’s 2017/18 and 2018/19 capital works programs. 

It will also provide an opportunity to create new purpose built facilities for both clubs and the local community at Caloola. This is an exciting opportunity for Council to improve recreational facilities for the community at both Oakleigh Recreation Centre and Caloola Reserve.

You can read the detailed Council report on this proposal from the 27 June Council Meeting:

27 June Council Meeting - Oakleigh Recreation Centre Redevelopment Project (PDF, 133KB)

You can also watch the Council meeting at


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