Proposed development at 2315-2319 Dandenong Road, Mulgrave

Council decided its position on 31 October 2017

2315-2319 Dandenong Rd Mulgrave

A Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) Merits Hearing to consider a second set of amended plans for the proposed development at 2315-2319 Dandenong Road (Mulgrave), was held between 19-21 February 2018.  

VCAT will now consider all aspects of the application before issuing its written decision on the proposal. The decision is not expected until at least May. VCAT has recently requested additional information from the permit applicant in relation to tree retention on the site. 

The developer lodged a first round of amended plans with VCAT ahead of the Compulsory Conference on Tuesday 16 January 2018 and then lodged a second round of amended plans ahead of the Merits Hearing. 

Council had sought community feedback on the original proposal and received 49 objections.   

Enquiries: Sue Monagle, Principal Planner, on 9518 3068.  

Second amended plans - current

The key changes proposed as part of the second amendment application are:

  • The total number of dwellings reduced from 54 to 50 
  • Revised layout of dwellings/garages adjoining Lebanon Crescent 
  • A total of 12 dwellings now front Lebanon Crescent 
  • Three new driveway crossovers proposed to Lebanon Crescent 
  • Vehicle exit to Springvale Road proposed
  • Removal of gum trees adjacent to Lebanon Crescent frontage.

Here are the documents that have been submitted by the applicant: 

Notice of Amendment to Application (PDF, 1MB)

Statement of Changes (PDF, 199KB)  

Current amended plans (PDF, 17MB)

A hard copy of the amended plans is available to view at the Monash Civic Centre (293 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley), during business (8.15am-5pm, Monday to Friday). 

VCAT has directed the applicant to notify the following people of these amended plans:

  • Parties to the appeal
  • Any person who filed a Statement of Grounds (even if they indicated they did not wish to attend the hearing), and,
  • The owners and occupiers of the properties at 43, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 59 and 61 Lebanon Crescent. 

First amended plans - superseded

The key changes in the first amended plans were:

  • Retention of 7 trees along the frontage of Lebanon Crescent
  • Removal of vehicle access/crossovers to Springvale Road and Dandenong Road (all vehicle access proposed via Lebanon Crescent)
  • Reducing the total number of townhouses to 53
  • Modification to the townhouse layout including additional massing breaks
  • Modification to proposed building setbacks.

Here are the documents that have been submitted by the applicant: 

Statement of Changes (PDF, 197KB)

Amended Plans - Part 1 (PDF, 3MB)

Amended Plans - Part 2 (PDF, 8MB)

Amended Plans - Part 3 (PDF, 6MB)

Amended Plans - Part 4 (PDF, 7MB)

Lodging an amended/new Statement of Grounds

All existing Statements of Grounds will be considered by VCAT as part of its assessment of the amended plans. Existing parties to the matter may amend their existing Statement of Grounds. There is no obligation to lodge an amended Statement of Grounds unless a party wishes to modify the issues raised previously with VCAT. Any other person (including new or additional parties to the matter) may lodge a Statement of Grounds with VCAT. 

Amended or new Statement of Grounds must be lodged by Thursday 8 February 2018. Here is the form you can download and fill in:  

Statement of Grounds (PDF, 1MB)

A copy of the Statement of Grounds must also be provided to Monash Council (the responsible authority) and Romy Davidov c/o Best Hooper Lawyers (the applicant's representative).


The developer appealed to VCAT because Council did not decide upon the application within the required 60 day timeframe. 

Council had sought community feedback on the proposal and received 49 objections.  

At its 31 October 2017 meeting, Council resolved that if it were in a position to make a decision on the application, it would determine to refuse the application. 

Key issues considered relate to density of the development, neighbourhood character, car parking design, vehicle manoeuvrability within the site, and reliance on local streets for access. 

For more information, see the report which Council considered before making its decision: Report to Council meeting on 2315-2319 Dandenong Road, Mulgrave (PDF, 459KB)

Original proposal

The applicant, AGT & Co Pty Ltd, proposes a $13 million development, that includes:

  • 30 two bedroom dwellings each with one car parking space
  • 24 three bedroom dwellings each with two car parking spaces
  • A total of 10 visitor car spaces are distributed throughout the development
  • Vehicle access to the site from both Springvale Road (to the west) and Lebanon Crescent (to the east)

The site is on the northeast corner of Springvale Road and Dandenong Road, and is bounded by Lebanon Crescent to the east, and residential developments to the north and south-east. The property currently contains two single storey brick buildings, currently used as a funeral parlour, and associated car parking. 

Planning documents

Here are documents that have been submitted by the applicant:

Application for a Planning Permit (PDF, 818KB)

Planning Report (PDF, 3MB)

Landscape Plan (PDF, 2MB)

Architectural Plans (PDF, 25MB)

You can also download the above document in three parts:

Architectural Plans - part 1 (PDF, 9MB)

Architectural Plans - part 2 (PDF, 11MB)

Architectural Plans - part 3 (PDF, 4MB)


Arboricultural Report (PDF, 2MB)

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) Report (PDF, 4MB)

Traffic Management Report (PDF, 7MB)


Certificate of Title (PDF, 273KB)


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