Proposed development at 253-269 Wellington Road, Mulgrave

Community feedback sought by 19 October 2020

Artist Impression of 253-269 Wellington Road, Mulgrave

Council is seeking community feedback on an application for the use and development of the land at 253-269 Wellington Road, Mulgrave for a Residential Hotel in a Heritage Overlay and Design and Development Overlay, use of the land to sell and consume liquor, display of internally illuminated business identification and panel signage, alteration of access to a Road Zone Category 1 and a reduction in the standard car parking requirements. 

Feedback is formally sought by Monday 19 October 2020. However Council will continue to accept submissions on this proposal up until it makes a decision. 

The applicant, 253 Wellington Road Unit Trust, is proposing a $45 million development which is detailed as follows:

  • The proposed building is to be located in front of the existing building at no. 253-269 Wellington Road, within the area of existing at grade open car parking
  • The proposed building is twelve storeys in height (33.9 metres)
  • Vehicle access to the site is via Compark Court, off Wellington Road
  • A total of 195 car parking spaces are proposed at the ground level and within the second and third floors of the building
  • A total of 163 hotel rooms are proposed
  • The building is set back a minimum of 20.68 metres from Wellington Road
  • A café and dining area are located at the ground floor, hotel gymnasium located at the ground floor mezzanine space, and corporate spaces located at the third floor.  Levels 6-12 include hotel suites
  • A liquor licence is proposed to allow for the sale and consumption of liquor within the café and dining areas, corporate areas and hotel suites
  • Four (4) internally illuminated business identification signs are proposed
  • Buildings and works are proposed between the existing and proposed building to form a courtyard area and access pathways. 

Enquiries: Alexandra Wade, Principal Planner, on 9518 3068. 

Planning documents

Application Form (pdf, 958KB)

Certificate of Title (pdf, 1MB)

Covering Letter (pdf, 580KB)

Development Plans (pdf, 11MB)

Town Planning Report (pdf, 15MB)

Site Context & Design Analysis (pdf, 9MB)

3D Images (pdf, 1MB)

Heritage Memo of Advice 1 (pdf, 3MB)

Heritage Memo of Advice 2 (pdf, 3MB)

Heritage Response (pdf, 4MB)

Arborist Report (pdf, 5MB)

Acoustic Report (pdf, 13MB)

ESD Report (pdf, 8MB)

Landscape Plan (pdf, 16MB)

Metropolitan Planning Levy Certificate (pdf, 969KB)

Parking Management Plan (pdf, 2MB)

Traffic Impact Assessment (pdf, 7MB)

Waste Management Plan (pdf, 4MB)

How to provide feedback

Any person who may be affected by the proposal may lodge an objection or provide feedback to Council. Objections must be made in writing.

Objections should detail any concerns you have regarding the proposal, reasons for the objection, how you would be affected by the proposal and include your name, postal address and reference to TPA/51770.

Please provide feedback/objection in writing to Council by Monday 19 October 2020.

Please quote the Application Number TPA/51770.

Planning Objection Form (pdf, 355KB)

Planning Objection Form (doc, 89KB)


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