Proposed development at 615 Warrigal Road, Ashwood

Community feedback sought by 10 December 2020

615 Warrigal Road, Ashwood 2020 artist impression

Update - Approved proposal February 2021

Council has approved an application for the construction of a mixed-use development comprising of offices, residential hotel, serviced apartments, dwellings and retail premises (up to 10 storeys high), at 615 Warrigal Road, Ashwood. 

Council sought community feedback on the application and received 144 objections, with 131 of these to the initial plans, and 22 to the amended plans (noting that 9 of these are original objectors). 

The proposal was approved subject to more than 70 objections. 

To find out more, please see the report Council considered prior to making its decision: Report to Council meeting on 615 Warrigal Road, Ashwood (pdf, 1MB)

Enquiries: Alexandra Wade, Principal Planner, on 9518 3068.  

Planning Application

Council received an application to amend plans associated with the existing Planning Permit Application TPA/49377, for a proposed development at 615 Warrigal Road, Ashwood.

The application was previously subject to public notification in December 2018 / January 2019.  The application was not determined at the request of the applicant to allow modification to the proposal.

Council sought community feedback on the amended proposal.

Feedback was formally sought by Thursday 10 December 2020.

Amendments to the plans are summarised below:

  • Deletion of childcare centre
  • Reduction of office floor area from 7,773sqm to 5,335sqm
  • Reduction of number of residential apartments from 381 to 326
  • Reduction in residential hotel rooms (from 90 to 82) and increase in number of serviced apartments (from 34 to 35)
  • Reduction in height of Building B (Office Building) from 12 storeys to 8 storeys
  • Vehicle access arrangements varied including location of Warrigal Road access and one-way road from Elliott Street
  • Deletion of previous vehicle access to the site modified traffic signals opposite The Boulevard
  • Proposed new traffic signals on corner of Warrigal Road and Power Avenue
  • Reduction of overall number of car spaces
  • Variation of setbacks.

Planning Documents

Here are documents that have been submitted by the applicant:

3D Images (pdf, 51MB)

Development Summary (pdf, 251KB)

Elevation Plans & Sections (pdf, 8MB)

Shadow Diagrams (pdf, 23MB)

Site and Floor Plans (pdf, 48MB)

Site Context and Design Analysis (pdf, 30MB)

Apartment Layout Detail (pdf, 10MB)

Materials Schedule (pdf, 841KB)

Traffic Report (pdf, 6MB)

Landscape Plan (pdf, 14MB)

Wind Impact Assessment (pdf, 2MB)

Sustainable Management Plan (pdf, 44MB)

Waste Management Plan (pdf, 2MB)

Community Information Sessions

As part of the consultation process, two online community information sessions were held on Monday 30 November 2020 and Thursday 3 December 2020.


Council sought feedback by Tuesday 22 January 2019 on a proposal for a mixed-use development, ranging in height from 5 to 13 storeys, at 615 Warrigal Road, Ashwood.

The proposed development comprised dwellings, offices, residential hotel, serviced apartments, childcare centre, food and drink premises, retail premises and alteration of access to a Road Zone, Category 1. 

The applicant, Panorama Investment (Ashwood) Pty Ltd, proposed a $130 million proposal that included:

  • 8 buildings ranging in height from 5 to 13 storeys 
  • 347 residential dwellings/apartments (49 x one bedroom, 225 x two bedroom, 40 x three bedroom) 
  • 90 hotel rooms and 34 serviced apartments
  • 7,773m2 office floor space 
  • 714m2 retail floor space
  • 807 on-site car spaces (429 dwelling car spaces, 378 commercial car spaces)
  • 100 place childcare centre
  • Alteration of access to Warrigal Road including modification to the existing signalised intersection (Warrigal Road and The Boulevard) 
  • New vehicle access and vehicle connection to Elliot Street. 

The application was not determined at the request of the applicant to allow modification to the proposal. 

Application Form (pdf, 4MB)  

Titles (pdf, 567KB)

Plans Part 1 - Urban Context and Design Response (pdf, 25MB)

Plans Part 2 - Floorplans Site Layout (pdf, 58MB)

Plans Part 2 - Summary of Development (pdf, 258KB)

Plans Part 3 - Elevations (pdf, 8MB)

Plans Part 4 - Typical Individual Apartment Layout (pdf, 9MB)

Plans Part 5 - Shadow Diagrams (pdf, 8MB)

Plans Part 6 - Perspectives (pdf, 72MB)

Arboricultural Assessment (pdf, 905KB)

Clause 58 Assessment (pdf, 3MB)

Cultural Heritage Management Plan Assessment (pdf, 2MB)

Environmental Report (pdf, 20MB)

Landscape Plan (pdf, 7MB)

Planning Report (pdf, 6MB)

Sustainability Management Plan (pdf, 34MB)

Traffic Assessment (pdf, 2MB)

Urban Design Report (pdf, 7MB)

Urban Design Response (pdf, 935KB)

Waste Assessment (pdf, 6MB)

Wind Assessment (pdf, 11MB)


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