Proposed development at 62-94 Jacksons Road, Mulgrave

Community feedback sought by 16 December 2019


Update - February 2020

Council has approved a staged development of a retirement village and residential aged care facility (3-5 storeys in height), medical centre, alteration of access to a Road Zone Category 1 and the removal of native vegetation, at 62-94 Jacksons Road, Mulgrave. 

Council sought community feedback on the application and received 28 objections. 

The development was approved subject to more than 50 conditions. 

To find out more, please see the report Council considered prior to making its decisions: Report to Council meeting on 62-94 Jacksons Road, Mulgrave (pdf, 303KB)

Enquiries: Alexandra Wade, Principal Planner, on 9518 3068.

2019 Application

Council sought feedback on an amended proposal for an integrated retirement village and aged care facility development, including use of part of the land for a medical centre, at 62-94 Jacksons Road, Mulgrave.

This application seeks to amend plans associated with the application which was initially received in 2017.

Feedback is formally sought by Monday 16 December 2019.

The applicant, Villa Maria Catholic Homes Ltd, proposes a development comprising: 

  • A total of 216 independent retirement village units
  • 128 aged care facility beds
  • A three storey medical centre within the south-west corner of the site which is proposed to be accessible to the public, however will primarily service residents. The medical centre will have 2 doctors, 16 allied practitioners and 52 case managers (typically visit patients off site) 
  • Ancillary facilities such as a chapel, function space, cafe and bowling green 
  • A total of 520 car spaces  within the site (including 294 resident car spaces within basement level and 226 visitor / staff car spaces at the ground level).
  • Vehicle access from the existing entrance to the site from Jacksons Road
  • Removal of native vegetation across the site. 

Planning documents

Here are documents that were submitted by the applicant:

Amendment Form (pdf, 795KB)  

Amendment Covering Letter (pdf, 38KB)  

Certificate of Title (pdf, 2MB)

Development Plan (pdf, 50MB)  

MPL Certificate (pdf, 1MB)

Letter of Market Demand (pdf, 100KB)  

Arborist Report (pdf, 2MB)

Biodiversity Assessment Report (pdf, 4MB)  

Landscape Masterplan Report (pdf, 429KB)  

Landscape Plan (pdf, 13MB)  

Sustainable Management Plan (pdf, 8MB)  

Town Planning Report (pdf, 4MB)

Traffic Assessment Report (pdf, 16MB)  

Urban Context Report (pdf, 11MB)

Waste Management Plan (pdf, 2MB)

2017 Application

Council sought community feedback on a proposal for an integrated retirement village and aged care facility development  (3-5 storeys in height), including use of part of the land for a medical centre,  at 62-94 Jacksons Road, Mulgrave.

Feedback was formally sought by Tuesday 27 June 2017. 

The applicant, Villa Maria Catholic Homes Ltd, proposed a  $111.49 million staged development that includes:

  • 179 independent living apartments (retirement village)
  • 108 aged care beds (aged care) and 72 assisted living apartments (aged care)
  • A medical centre with up to 38 medical specialists
  • Ancillary uses such as an exercise pool, gymnasium, restaurant/café, and a chapel
  • A total of 591 on site car spaces provided on site (basement and at grade parking)
  • Vehicle access is proposed from the existing entrance to the site from Jacksons Road
  • Removal of native vegetation

Here were the documents that had been submitted by the applicant:

Application for a Planning Permit (pdf, 197KB)

Planning Submission (pdf, 1MB)

Development plans:

Landscape Concept Plan (pdf, 2MB)

Development Plan (1) - Cover sheet, Survey Existing Conditions, Neighbourhood Context, Site Analysis (pdf, 8MB)

Development Plan (2) - Streetscape Analysis (pdf, 21MB)

Development Plan (3) - Staging Plan, Urban Design Concept, Design Response (pdf, 5MB)

Development Plan (4) - Streetscape Design Response, Perspectives, Elevations (pdf, 26MB)

Development Plan (5) - Site Sections, Floor Plans, Shadow Diagram, Boundary Conditions (pdf, 7MB)

Development Plan (6) - Stage 1 (pdf, 9MB)

Development Plan (7) - Stage 2 (pdf, 8MB)

Development Plan (8) - Stage 3 (pdf, 8MB)

Development Plan (9) - Stage 4 (pdf, 7MB)

Development Plan (10) - Village Perspective Studies (pdf, 2MB)


Biodiversity Assessment (pdf, 2MB)

Biodiversity Impact and Offset Requirements Report (pdf, 952KB)

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) Principles and Measures (pdf, 5MB)

Stormwater Management (pdf, 2MB)

Traffic and Transport Assessment (pdf, 3MB)

Tree Assessment (docx, 31KB)

Tree Inventory (pdf, 2MB)

Tree Maps (4) (pdf, 17MB)

Waste Management Plan (pdf, 2MB)


Certificate of Title (pdf, 12KB)

Certificate of Title - Plan of Subdivision (pdf, 172KB)


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