Sensory Playspace at Wellesley Reserve (Glen Waverley)

Community feedback sought by 15 December 2017


A unique playspace, the first of its kind in Monash, has opened at Wellesley Reserve (Glen Waverley).

The new gardens, artwork and play items have been installed to support the existing play pieces. The new equipment adds a sensory play experience that is designed to engage children with additional needs. New items include accessible pathways with varying artworks and textures, sound sculptures, funny mirror and seated spinner. 

The design of the playspace by Council's City Design team, with input from the community, was to create an inviting and playful environment full of sensory design elements, inspired by the existing elements of the site, such as the mature Eucalypt trees and resident birds, and further reinforced with the addition of sensory play elements, such as tyre sound bouncers, a wavy mirror and a sound flower. 

The playspace includes selected ornamental and sensory plants and trees, with a variety of colours and textures to stimulate the senses of touch, smell and sight.

Thank you to local residents who provided ideas and feedback to help Council create an exciting sensory playspace in Wellesley Road Reserve, Glen Waverley. 

Play features include:

  • Sensory garden trail and planting of new flowering trees, shrubs and groundcovers 
  • Sound sculptures and funny mirror 
  • Squeeze gate 
  • Seated spinner 
  • Existing play pieces to remain. 

Other elements of the project include:

  • Picnic table and bench seating 
  • Removal of a small tee tree and one sick black wattle tree (both to be replaced with more appropriate tree species) 
  • Open grassed area at southern end of the park to remain 
  • Drinking fountain. 

We hope you will enjoy this improvement to your local neighbourhood. If you have any questions about these works, please contact Council:


Wellesley Road playspace, 40-42 Glen Tower Drive, Glen Waverley 3150 View Map

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