Street trees in Glen Tower Drive, Glen Waverley

Consultation closed on 30 April 2017

Council will not be proceeding with a plan to remove 100-plus street trees from Glen Tower Drive (Glen Waverley).

We have heard from many residents who were disappointed that Council was planning to remove so many trees. We have written to local residents to advise them we won't be proceeding with this plan and to apologise for any distress we created.

The proposal to remove and replace the trees flows from Council's Street Tree Strategy. The aim had been to create a new boulevard of trees of the same species. However, we recognise that we got it wrong with this proposal. We should have applied more rigour to our decision-making before proposing to undertake tree removals/replacements on the scale proposed in Glen Tower Drive.

Community meeting

On Saturday 25 March 2017, Council held a community meeting to discuss this issue, with about 21 residents from Glen Tower Drive and surrounding streets attending.

At the meeting, residents expressed concern about:

  • Lack of details/rationale for removal of each individual tree
  • An insufficient choice of replacement species
  • All trees being removed at the same time
  • That the letter drop did not go to neighbouring streets and letters were not personally addressed
  • The lack of opportunity to provide input into the plan
  • The desirability of having one dominant species along a street.

Council's response

Following the meeting, Mayor Rebecca Paterson moved a matter of Urgent Business at Council's 28 March 2017 meeting. The motion set out a revised implementation and consultation process for the Street Tree Strategy, taking on board all of the resident feedback. Council adopted the new process which is outlined in - Urgent Business motion - Street Tree Strategy Implementation and Consultation (docx, 32KB)

In April 2017, Council will write to residents in Glen Tower Drive and surrounding streets, seeking feedback on a proposal for a minimal number of trees to be removed from Glen Tower Drive, based on urgent needs.

All of the trees in the street were assessed in the week beginning Monday 6 March 2017. There are four trees in Glen Tower Drive that require removal for health and safety reasons. There are also about 15 trees that are in decline and from our arborist’s perspective, these trees need to be removed within the next five years


In November/December 2016, we asked residents to nominate a preference between two suitable species of trees for their street. This consultation closed on Sunday 4 December 2016.

Please see photos and some information about the two species. As mentioned above, Council is not proceeding with plans to replace the trees in Glen Tower Drive with either of these species.

Photo Tree

  Option 1:

Lemon Scented Gum

Corymbia citriodora (Lemon Scented Gum)

A beautiful native tree with a distinctive white to grey coloured shedding bark. Its leaves are green and long with a strong lemon fragrance when they are crushed. It has feathery white flowers in Summer and Autumn.

Mature Size (h x w): 20 x 8m
Form: Oval

All trees under powerlines will be a dwarf variety to minimise maintenance needs - mature size (h x w): 7 x 3m.

  Option 2:

Queensland Brush Box
Kanooka Gum

Lophostemon confertus (Queensland Brush Box)

This dome headed tree has a dense, glossy green canopy great salmon coloured bark that peels in summer. It flowers in Summer forming small white clusters that contain fluffy looking stamens .

Mature Size (h x w): 15 x 10m
Form: Oval

If planted under the powerlines, a tree of lower height (described below) will be chosen to minimise maintenance needs.

Tristaniopsis laurina (Kanooka)

This native tree has a dense foliage canopy with glossy green leaves that are oblong shaped. Yellow flowers are borne in Summer and are abundant with nectar attracting birds. Smooth creamy trunk streaked with gray.

Mature Size (h x w): 7-8 x 4m
Form: Oval


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