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Strategy adopted on 28 February 2017

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In February 2017, Council adopted a 20-year transport strategy to ensure that as Monash’s population grows, our area remains an accessible and vibrant place with sustainable transport choices. 

Council had sought feedback on the Integrated Transport Strategy and more than 400 community members provided their ideas and views to help in the development of the strategy. 

The strategy was finalised in April 2017. The current version can be downloaded from below: 

Monash Integrated Transport Strategy (full document) (pdf, 10MB)

For more information, see the report which Council considered before making its decision: Report to Council meeting on Monash Integrated Transport Strategy 2017 (pdf, 150KB)

Enquiries: Sandra Worsnop, Senior Sustainable Transport Engineer, on 9518 3226 or

Please read community comments submitted on the Interactive Map:


Why has this strategy been developed?

As Monash’s population grows steadily, Council is aiming to address issues which can impact on the liveability of our area, including traffic congestion and competing demands for limited on-street parking.

Our transport strategy covers the next 20 years, with its vision being: “by 2037 Monash will have a highly accessible and sustainable transport network that supports the safety, health and prosperity of all members of the community”.

It outlines a range of actions for Council to take to reduce the need for car travel by encouraging more sustainable transport (walking, cycling and public transport) and facilitating greater integration between different modes of travel (train, bus, cycling etc.)

Key actions in the strategy:

The strategy has five key directions:

  • A safer network
  • A more accessible Monash
  • Promote sustainable transport
  • Support productivity
  • Manage car parking.

Some of the specific actions which Council has committed to in the strategy include:

  • Increasing the funding we allocate for upgrades to the cycling network by at least 10% per year (from a base of $515,000 in 2015/16)
  • Advocating to the State Government for an extension of the train line from Huntingdale Station to Rowville (with train stations at Monash University’s Clayton campus and in Mulgrave and Waverley Park)
  • Advocating to the State Government for the completion of the Westall Road extension (removing a large portion of heavy vehicle and freight movement from local roads including Blackburn Rd)
  • Advocating for a review of the bus network to identify where new routes could be introduced and where changes could be made to provide more direct routes
  • Working with VicRoads to provide more pedestrian crossings with traffic lights along arterial roads such as Princes Hwy. 

Community Consultation

Council sought comments on the draft strategy by Friday 30 September 2016. Residents could provide their feedback in several ways, including:

  • dropping a pin on a map to indicate a transport issue they'd like addressed
  • filling in a survey
  • calling in to a community information session for a chat (see details below or top right)
  • phoning Sandra Worsnop, Senior Sustainable Transport Engineer, on 9518 3226
  • emailing their comments to


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