Waverley Park Open Space and Community Facility Improvements

Consultation closed on 12 May 2017

Waverley Park powerlines


Mirvac has advised it commenced site works within the 6 hectare lake and wetlands precinct in December 2017. The lake has been drained to allow earth works to start.

In the final stages of the development, the current lattice electrical towers will be removed and replaced with higher slim line poles. Mirvac advises the alignment of the current electrical easement will be altered slightly to accommodate the lake and wetlands precinct and the remaining stages of homes. These works are expected to start in Spring 2018 and take around six months to complete.

The parks upgrades at Rathdowne Way, Lansdowne Circuit, Lords Avenue, Gertrude Street and St James Park Drive will start next year.

Mirvac Development Update December 2017 (pdf, 100KB)  


Council sought community feedback on the $6.5 million open space and community facility improvements that were proposed for the Waverley Park estate in May 2017.

Council suggested some changes to the improvements that Mirvac has proposed, with our aim being to deliver a better overall outcome for the Waverley Park community.

After considering the submissions from the community and discussions with Mirvac and the State Government, Council decided at its August 2017 meeting that it supports the following amendments to the community benefits package for Waverley Park to provide for:

  • A range of improvements to five existing small parks at Rathdowne Way, Lansdowne Circuit, Lords Avenue, Gertrude Street and Molesworth Drive
  • The development of a major lake and wetland park adjacent to and along the transmission easement
  • Declining the offer of a community facility in the stadium building or elsewhere in the estate, but retaining the funding allocation for park improvements
  • Allocating some of the additional open space funds to provide for toilets and a kiosk facility at the wetland park.

The package of improvements agreed to will result in some residual funds under the community benefits package. These funds will be transferred to Council and held in trust for potential future open space improvements in the estate.

Council will speak with residents in the future about what open space improvements these residual funds could be used for.

August 2017 Report to Council regarding Waverley Park Community Benefits Package

Council is suggesting some changes to the improvements that Mirvac has proposed, with our aim being to deliver a better overall outcome for the Waverley Park community.

What is being proposed?

The package proposed by Mirvac includes:

  • $612,000 in open space improvements to the five existing small parks
  • A $690,000 community meeting space and facility upgrade in the stadium building
  • $1 million in additional open space improvements in the Waverley Park Estate or outside of the estate but accessible to the Waverley Park community

There is also an allocation of $4.2 million for 2.4 hectares of new open space and wetlands under and adjacent to the powerlines easement. Council's proposal would also include this component.

See the Waverley Park Estate - Initial Wetlands Concept Plan (pdf, 2MB)

Council has suggested some changes to the package including:

  • Focusing the park improvements in Gertrude Street and Lansdowne Circuit (parks 1C and 4G in the plan below) rather than all five parks. This allows for substantial playground to be created at these parks rather than spreading the funds across five parks which would result in smaller playgrounds
  • Relocating the proposed community meeting space to the wetland area and combining the funds for the community meeting space ($690,000) and additional open space funds ($1 million) to achieve a stand-along, modern community facility
  • Providing additional or upgraded seating and tables in all five parks.

See the park plan (pdf, 270KB)

By suggesting changes to Mirvac’s proposal, Council has tried to minimise any potential cost impact on Waverley Park residents compared with the original proposal put forward by Mirvac.

Council has already built maintenance costs  for the existing open space into future budgets.

However, there may be a cost to Waverley Park residents to maintain the additional wetland site (part of both Council and Mirvac’s proposals).

There could also be extra maintenance costs for residents resulting from the other improvements.

Council is investigating the potential costs and will update this page once that assessment is completed.

Have your say

You could have your say on what is proposed by:

  • Attending a drop-in community information session at the Gladeswood Reserve community facility (Gladeswood Drive, Mulgrave) on Thursday 27 April, from 4pm-7.30pm
  • Filling in the online survey
  • Giving us your feedback over the phone or request a hard copy of the survey be mailed to you by contacting 9518 3620.


The developer of the Waverley Park estate Mirvac is required to fund improvements to the open space and community facilities in the estate. This is a requirement from the Minister for Planning following his approval of an amended permit for the estate, which allowed the high-voltage powerlines to remain above ground.

Under the conditions of the amended permit, Mirvac is required to put forward a package of improvements for Council’s approval.

More information is available in the report considered by Council at its 28 March 2017 meeting:

Report to Council Waverley Park Community Benefits Package (pdf, 153KB)


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