Community Satisfaction Surveys

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Each year, Monash residents are surveyed to check their satisfaction with Council's performance and services.

The survey helps Council identify which of its services or activities need to be improved. Council is also able to compare its performance with the average for metropolitan councils.

The survey is conducted by an independent research company which randomly selects Monash residents to interview.  The survey occurs in the first few months of the year.

2018 results

The 2018 Community Satisfaction Survey was conducted in April and May 2018. Previously Council has undertaken a random telephone survey of 400 Monash residents aged 18-plus years old. This year, 800 randomly selected households across Monash, double the previous survey size, were surveyed using a face-to-face interview methodology.

Here is the full survey report: Community Satisfaction Survey 2018 (pdf, 5MB) . All scores are out of 10.

Council recorded excellent results in this survey particularly in the area of overall satisfaction (7.4)

High scores were also recorded for governance and leadership (an average score of 7.3) in particular the following aspects:

  • Engagement and consultation (7.4)
  • Making decisions in the interest of the community (7.3)
  • Responsiveness to local community needs (7.3) and
  • Maintaining trust and confidence of the community (7.3).

Council’s representation, lobbying and advocacy on behalf of the community recorded 7.1.

Seven aspects of our customer service were rated by residents, achieving an average satisfaction score of 7.9. 

Monash scored six points above metro Melbourne for:

  • Our general reception scored 8.2 (8.3 for in person visits, 8.2 for telephone reception)
  • Our speed of service (7.4)
  • For our customer service 72% of residents rated the service as “good” or “very good”.

The survey asks about satisfaction with and importance of 32 specific Council services and facilities. The report concludes that satisfaction with services and facilities in Monash is very good. The highest community satisfaction is with Waste Management and Libraries (averaging 8.5), Sporting Ovals and Outdoor Sport Facilities (8.2) and Recreation and Aquatic Centres (also 8.2).

Residents were also to themselves identify the “top three issues for Monash at the moment”. The results here are consistent with previous surveys. The most mentioned issues are:

  • Parking (21% of respondents)
  • Traffic management (15%)
  • Building, housing, planning and development (11%).

Council thanks those community members who gave of their time to participate in the 2018 Community Satisfaction Survey. The feedback provides direction and focus on what matters to our residents and inspires us to build an even higher-functioning organisation that delivers to the Monash community.

There is no requirement for councils to make their results available publicly but Monash does every year – whether the results are good or bad – in the interests of transparency and open government. 

2017 results

Council performed well in a number of core areas but did not achieve any higher results in this year’s survey compared with our results last year, highlighting the need for improvement in a number of areas.

Here is the full survey report: Community Satisfaction Survey - Report 2017 (pdf, 3MB)

Council achieved solid results in waste management (score of 77), arts and libraries (76) and customer service (75). All our service areas are at or above the benchmarks for metropolitan councils.

For our customer service 72% of residents rated the service as “good” or “very good”.

In comparing Council with other metropolitan councils, there are no areas where Monash performance scores are lower than the metropolitan council average.

However, disappointingly our scores did fall in a number of areas compared with our results for 2016. Our overall performance with a score of 66 is four points lower than the score in 2016 (70). It remains on par with the metropolitan average of 64 points and higher than the state average of 59.

Satisfaction ratings for Council’s direction over the last 12 months also fell to 55 (down from 61 in 2016). The metropolitan average is 54 and the state average 53.

2016 results

In 2016, Council performed very strongly in the survey. Here is the full survey report:  Community Satisfaction Survey - Report 2016 (pdf, 3MB)

Some of the highlights include:

  • On overall performance, Monash's score increased by two points (compared with 2015) to be 70, which is four points higher than the average for metropolitan councils
  • In the words of the researchers, Monash’s performance “exceeds the metropolitan and statewide council averages on all core measures”.  The core measures are: overall performance; customer service; community consultation and engagement; sealed roads; advocacy; overall Council direction; and making decisions in the community’s interests
  • On the core measures, our highest score was for customer service, where our performance increased by three points to be 76. This is three points ahead of the average for metropolitan councils
  • On whether people think Council is “heading in the right direction”, Monash's score was 61, up four points on last year and six points ahead of the average for metropolitan councils.

Pleasingly, our results increased significantly in areas which the community had nominated in 2014 and 2015 as needing improvement, including:

  • Engaging and consulting with our community. Our score of 62 is four points higher than last year and eight points higher than our 2014 score. Our performance on this measure is “significantly higher” than the metropolitan average.
  • Informing our community. Our score of 68 is five points higher than last year and eight points higher than our 2014 score. Our performance on this measure is “significantly higher” than the metropolitan average.
  • Planning for population growth. Our score of 58 is five points higher than last year, and seven points above the average for metropolitan councils.

Monash also improved its scores for:

  • Elderly support services (up three points)
  • Council’s general town planning policy (up three points)
  • Waste management (up three points)

As part of the survey, participants are asked to nominate an area in which Council needs to improve in the next 12 months. The top five areas nominated (in order) were:

  • Parking availability
  • Inappropriate development
  • Communication
  • Traffic management
  • Footpaths/walking tracks.

In an encouraging sign, Council’s scores on most of these five measures increased in 2016, indicating our community has noticed improvements already. For example, the score for ‘informing the community’ (communication) increased by five points; the score for ‘town planning policy’ (inappropriate development) by three points; traffic management by two points; and parking facilities by two points. Our challenge is to build on this positive momentum. The exception was the condition of footpaths which decreased by one point. There is increased funding in the 2016/17 budget for footpath upgrades and shared walking/cycling paths so community satisfaction should increase accordingly.

Monash is serious about serving our community well, so we will continue to reach out to our residents, to listen to what you feel the priorities and issues are, and to respond.

Survey Report 2015

Community Satisfaction Survey - Report 2015 (pdf, 816KB)

The document includes:

  • Key Findings & Recommendations
  • Individual Service Areas
  • More detailed findings on Core Measures & Areas for Improvement

Survey Report 2014

Key Findings & Recommendations (pdf, 522KB)

Individual Service Areas (pdf, 511KB)

More detailed findings on Core Measures & Areas for Improvement (pdf, 241KB)

Survey Report 2013

Key Findings and Recommendations, Core Performance and Survey Report (pdf, 1MB)

Individual Services Areas (pdf, 5MB)

Customer Service, Council Direction Indicators, Communications, Positives & Areas for Improvement (pdf, 650KB)

Summary of Survey Reports 2012-1998

Summary of Results 2012 (pdf, 121KB)

Summary of Results 2011 (pdf, 13KB)

Summary of Results 2010 (pdf, 12KB)

Summary of Results 2009 (pdf, 11KB)

Summary of Results 2008 (pdf, 26KB)

Summary of Results 2007 (pdf, 26KB)

Summary of Results 2006 (pdf, 212KB)

Summary of Results 2005 (pdf, 35KB)

Summary of Results 2004 (pdf, 35KB)

Summary of Results 2003 (pdf, 78KB)

Summary of Results 2002 (pdf, 59KB)

Summary of Results 2001 (pdf, 58KB)

Summary of Results 2000 (pdf, 56KB)

Summary of Results 1999 (pdf, 47KB)

Summary of Results 1998 (pdf, 48KB)

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