Gender Equity Strategy and Action Plan

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What is Gender Equity?

Gender equity is the process of being fair to women and men. Gender equity recognises that within all communities, women and men have different benefits, access to power, resources and responsibilities. Achieving gender equity is critical to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities and is a core principle of a fair, safe and inclusive community.

Council believes that individuals should not be advantaged or disadvantaged due to their gender and that all community members should be treated fairly and equally.

Please read about: Gender Equity Advisory Committee

About the strategy

Following consultation with our community and across Council, Monash Council has developed a Gender Equity Strategy with five priorities to guide the implementation of gender equity activity in Monash from 2015 to 2020.

These priorities are:

  • Leadership – Council will provide leadership to our community and partners on gender equity. We recognise that to affect community change, we need to ensure our own workplace culture, practice, policy, planning and programs demonstrate gender equity and respect. We will ensure the experiences of males and females are considered in our consultation and decision making.
  • Research - we will routinely collect and analyse gender disaggregated data and use it to inform our decision making.
  • Advocacy - we will advocate for gender equity and the prevention of violence against women at a local, regional, state and national level.
  • Building capacity - we will support our staff, partners and the Monash community to understand how they can promote gender equity in their everyday work and lives.
  • Partnerships - we will partner with other organisations and key stakeholders to promote gender equality and respect.

Monash Council is committed to supporting gender equity in our community and in our workplace.

We aim to ensure that everyone in the Monash community enjoys the same opportunities, rights and respect, regardless of their gender.

Here are two versions (PDF and Word) of the Strategy:

Gender Equity Strategy 2015-2020 (docx, 789KB)

Gender Equity Strategy 2015-2020 (pdf, 1MB)

Here are two versions (PDF and Word) of the Year One and Year Two Action Plan

Gender Equity Strategy 2015-2020: Year One and Year Two Action Plan (docx, 37KB)

Gender Equity Strategy 2015-2020: Year One and Year Two Action Plan (pdf, 398KB)

More information

For more information, please call 9518 3269.

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Last updated: 05 June 2021