Abandoned vehicles

Abandoned car

Any vehicle that has been deemed to be abandoned or unregistered and parked on Council controlled land including roads and parks, may be removed and impounded by Council.

Abandoned cars spoil the amenity of local streets and take up valuable parking spaces.

If a car is established to be unregistered or declared abandoned by Council, an investigation will commence to either have the vehicle registered or removed from Council controlled land or the roadway.

Prior to impounding a vehicle, Council will write (when possible) to the last registered owner requesting removal of the vehicle to avoid impoundment by Council.

A currently registered vehicle can be parked on a road for 2 months before it can be declared to be abandoned. If a vehicle is currently registered to an address in close proximity, then it will not be declared abandoned.

Any unregistered or abandoned vehicles parked on any arterial roads are dealt with by VicRoads.

If the vehicle is considered to pose a risk to public safety, for example it is causing a traffic hazard, Council will tow it immediately.

Abandoned vehicles that have been impounded are securely stored at a Council facility

If the vehicle is not claimed within 14 days and release fees paid, Council may dispose of it.

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Last updated: 23 January 2020