Abandoned shopping trolleys

Abandoned shopping trolley

Leaving a shopping trolley on a road, on Council land or in a car park owned by Council - unless in a designated trolley bay - can result in a fine.

Many trolleys end up in garden beds, creeks or on the side of roads causing a risk to traffic. Council Officers frequently patrol and impound trolleys found in Council streets.

From 1 February 2015 new Local Laws require supermarkets and other retailers with more than 25 trolleys to put in place proactive measures to reduce the number of trolleys abandoned in streets.

Retailers are required to introduce a coin deposit mechanism or a perimeter constraint system that prevent trolleys from being taken long distances. If you need Council's assistance to have a trolley removed from a local public area, please call 9518 3555.

Supermarkets also run trolley collection services so if you see an abandoned trolley, contact the supermarket whose label is on the trolley.

To report an abandoned shopping trolley for the following retailers:

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Last updated: 30 November 2017