BikeSpot 2020 – have your say on rider safety

 31 March 2020

bikeSpot 2020 crowd source survey logo

Cyclists can have their say about rider safety on Victoria’s roads via the BikeSpot 2020 project.

BikeSpot, an initiative of the cycling safety charity Amy Gillett Foundation and CrowdSpot, is a digital crowd-sourcing map project aimed at improving safety and stress levels for cyclists across Victoria, through their own experiences and insights.

The first BikeSpot in 2016 received more than 8000 submissions.

The BikeSpot 2020 data-mapping tool will capture and display real time information as Victorian cyclists add their spots at specific locations where they feel 'safe' or 'unsafe' when on their bicycle, and why.

All participants are encouraged to vote and comment on documented high and low stress spots that have already been added to the online map by other users.

Riders can submit their own spots at the BikeSpot website and can share their submissions and conversations on social media using the hashtag #bikespot2020.


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