Dog Attacks in Monash Media response

Questions & Responses

How many dog attacks were reported in a) 2017, b) 2018 and c) so far this year?

In 2017 there were 86 reports of dog attacks (rushing at people or biting a person or an animal).  In 2018 there were 98 reports and so far this year we have received 51 reports.

How many of the attacks were against people?

We do not keep statistics on the different types of incident however our experience tells us that roughly 25 per cent of incidents involve a person.

Where are the dog attacks usually occurring? i.e. parks, homes. 

Incidents reported to Council almost always occur in public places such as in streets or reserves.

How many of those dogs involved were euthanised?

Following incidents occurring between 2017 and today, seven dogs have been euthanised.

How many of the attacks were by unregistered dogs?

Without looking at each case we can’t provide an exact figure however we think that at least 50 per cent of dogs involved in incidents are not registered at the time.

How many prosecutions have there been 2017-present?

2017 – 10

2018 – 9

2019 – 3

Has the number of attacks risen or dropped over time? Why? 

 The number has risen over time. We think a number of factors that are at play here such as it being much easier to make reports to Council. We also think the public are less tolerant of irresponsible owners and are more inclined to report incidents, whereas in the past only the more serious attacks were reported to Council.

What is the council doing to prevent dog attacks and education the public about the issue?

Animal Management Officers conduct routine park patrols and attend community events such as family fun days where they educate the community about responsible animal ownership. Information is also provided in articles that appear in the Monash Bulletin and information is available on our website and via social media.  

Issued: 29 July 2019
To: Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Shane McCluskey