Dumped rubbish trial to start in Monash

 21 March 2017

Dumped rubbish

Monash Council will trial a new method of dealing with dumped rubbish aimed at changing behaviour so less dumping occurs.

At the moment Council removes dumped rubbish from public areas within 24 hours of it being reported.

Under the six month trial, Council will tape the dumped rubbish and write to all properties near where the rubbish was dumped, reminding people that it is illegal to dump rubbish and asking for information about who may have left the rubbish there.

Council  will give the person who dumped the rubbish five days to remove it. If they don’t, they face receiving a $500 fine.

Mayor Rebecca Paterson said a number of other Victorian Councils had adopted this ‘best practice’ to educate residents about the impact and cost to the community of dumped rubbish.

“We expect that many of the people who have dumped rubbish will choose to remove the rubbish within five days rather than risk a $500 fine,” Cr Paterson said.

“It may also cut costs to Council. If just 50% of the dumped rubbish in Monash is removed by the person who dumped it within the five days, it’s estimated we could save about $30,000 per year in disposal and pick up costs.

“We’re tired of picking up rubbish dumped by people who should know better. The community is paying for this and we think they would rather the money be spent on improving our facilities like playgrounds and sports pavilions rather than cleaning up other people’s mess.”

The trial starts on Monday 3 April and will run for six months. Council is interested in hearing feedback from the community during the trial via email at  aprilw@monash.vic.gov.au or call 9518 3774.

Media Contact: Jo Robertson 0418 391 979 or email JoanneR@monash.vic.gov.au

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