Important changes to COVID-19 testing requirements

 07 January 2022

Aquatics coronavirus update

Anyone who tests positive on a Rapid Antigen Test is now considered a probable positive case and must immediately isolate for seven days and notify their contacts.

It is now mandatory to report the result of a positive RAT to the Department of Health through an online form or by phone.

A new webform will be available today for positive cases to report their result to the Department of Health. As well as basic personal details such as name, gender, and date of birth, questions include:

1. Have you been told you have recently been in contact with someone who has COVID-19?

2. Have you been recently unwell with COVID-19 symptoms?

3. Do you need any support to stay home?

4. Have you received at least two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine?

5. How many doses of the vaccine have you received, if any?

6. Have you had any symptoms in the past five days?

7. If you have symptoms how sick do you feel?

8. Do you have the following conditions (including currently pregnant or cancer treatment, blood disorder, psychiatric condition or lung, heart, kidney, or liver disease)?

9. Are you happy to contact your GP for your clinical care?

People who answer no to both question one and two are recommended to get a PCR test to confirm their positive RAT result.

Positive RAT results can also be reported using the Coronavirus Hotline where translators are available for cases who wish to make their report in a language other than English.

You can log your positive RAT result online at or via the Coronavirus Hotline 1800 675 398.

To find out more information on caring for others with COVID, self-care, preparing to isolate, booking a third booster vaccination, financial support and what to do if you test positive visit



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