Media Response Dalgety Street (Oakleigh) parking

Questions and Responses

Could I please get a comment in relation to council's thoughts on the carpark situation at the proposed development and in the surrounding area of Oakleigh?

The proposed use and development at 35-41 Dalgety Street, Oakleigh was in line with the current planning scheme requirements for car parking. At the time the application was lodged, the proposal included a request to reduce the amount of visitor car parking required to be provided.

The State Government has since changed the parking requirements in all Planning Schemes and because the site is close to Public Transport, visitor parking was no longer required to be provided.  This means that the development provided all the car parking that it was required to.

As with many areas in Metropolitan Melbourne parking pressures can vary. Council has the ability to review parking pressures and put in place measures like parking restrictions to ensure the availability of on street car parking.

Issued: 12 December 2018.
To: Monash Leader.
Quoting: Mayor Shane McCluskey