Media Response Gardiners Reserve (Burwood)

Questions and Responses

Parents at a soccer club have complained about not being able to use Gardiners Reserve at Burwood even though it was only recently upgraded. From what I understand, usage of the facility has been restricted due to complaints from one or two residents.

How much was spent on upgrading the new synthetic pitch at Gardiners Reserve?

The synthetic pitch and associated works cost $2.3million.

What did the project entail and when was it completed?

The works included one of the three turf pitches at this reserve converted to a synthetic surface, fencing, coaches boxes, goals and goal storage, pitch lighting and landscaping works. The works were completed in May 2018 and the tenant clubs and the public started accessing the oval from this time.

What were the initial motivations for the upgrade?

A synthetic sports surface feasibility study was undertaken of all Monash grounds to find out more about how the  grounds within the municipality were used and community needs.  Gardiners Reserve was assessed as in need of a surface upgrade as the surface and sub surface on Pitch 2 in particular, was considered to be so poor as to not offer any long term benefit or prospect for improvement. The installation of  a synthetic pitch was approved so that the ground could be used on a more consistent basis 

How many people have submitted complaints to council about the reserve?  

There’s been a handful of complaints to council about Gardiners Reserve. These include concerns about including dogs on the synthetic pitch, reports of noise and anti-social behaviour, unauthorised use of the pitch and tenant clubs seeking clarification on the restrictions that are currently in place.

What restrictions has council put on its usage (e.g. Saturday afternoon games and training at nights) and why?

Council has put in place the following temporary restrictions on the use of Gardiners Reserve to balance the needs of the tenant clubs and the residents surrounding the grounds.

From January to March the tenant clubs can access the pitches at the following times:

Pitch 1 - training 3 nights per week (to conclude by 8.30pm), 6 practice matches and all scheduled National Premier League (NPL) matches

Pitch 2 –  training 2 nights per week (to conclude by 8.30pm), 4 practice matches and the Mount Waverley Mini-Roos program on Saturday mornings

Pitch 3 is closed from January to March  and will be ready to be used for the 2019 season from April.

These temporary restrictions have been placed on the use of the reserve because some users haven’t been booking the facility with Council, been subletting of the ground, the pitches have been overused during the off season and the ground needs a rest. There’s also been complaints from surrounding residents about noise and anti-social behaviour.

What is the current situation and what will happen in the future?

We are currently working with both tenant clubs of Gardiners Reserve with a view to developing a revised schedule that strikes a balance between clubs, community and residential amenity.  The current allocation is temporary and expires at the end of March. We are trying to strike a balance between all users and the community. We anticipate both clubs will receive a greater allocation if they can work together with Council and each other.

Anything else?

For more information on the background of the project:

 Issued: 1 March 2019
To: Monash Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Shane McCluskey