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I am just doing a story with Glenny Kebabs (they are having trouble with Caltex) at 252 Springvale Rd.

The owner, Asad, said he had checked with council that what he has put up there is fine.

When they put up a verandah-type construction over the seating in January, they checked with council to make sure it was OK - can I confirm this?

 No. No enquiry was made or permit applied for, in fact Council told Glenny Kebabs to remove the structure or apply for an amendment to the Planning Permit.

The business has now applied for the amendment for the planning permit and Council has allowed the verandah-type construction to stay pending the outcome of the application.

Have there been any issues with that site?

There have been several issues our Planning Department has flagged with this business and the owner of the Springvale Road site where it operates from, including the verandah-type structure,  too much seating, the loss of two parking bays because the verandah was built over them, operating out of permitted hours – the permit is for operation between 10am-12am however Glenny Kebabs advertised that it was open until 1am – and complaints from residents related to noise from cars and loud music, cars parking in the surrounding streets and problems with rubbish from patrons.  With the planning matters, a non-compliance notice was issued by Council in January 2018 and the owner was prompt in addressing the issue of operating within the prescribed hours on his permit and to date, no further complaints regarding noise have been received by Council.

Anything else?

When it comes to complaints about noise from cars residents should contact Victoria Police.

Issued: Wednesday 5 September 

Provided to: Monash Leader

Quoting: Mayor Paul Klisaris