Media Response Property Valuations 2017-18

Questions and Responses

Note: These objections are to Council Rates Notices and not SRO Land Tax Notices.

I'm doing a story about residents challenging their rates valuation and I had some queries:

 How many residential rate-payers objected to their property valuation for 2017-18 and how many of these were successful? 

 There were 41 Objections. 16  were disallowed, 18 were successful recommendations and seven (7) Withdrawn.

How many business rate-payers objected for that period and how many were successful?

There were nine (9) objections. Two (2) were disallowed, five (5) successful recommendations and two (2) are still in progress.

Out of the successful objections, what was the biggest amount that a residential ratepayer had their rates reduced?

One (1) residential property in Clayton had a reduction in CIV of $495,000.  The reduction in rates was $764.65 and Fire Service Levy was $27.70. This property has some unique features (property is irregular in shape, fronts two major arterial roads with setbacks affecting the valuation) and the reasons for the successful recommendation were not typical of other residential objections.

Did any of the challenges result in a higher valuation for a property? If so, how much in rates?


What advice does the council have for people who would like to object to their property valuation?

If a ratepayer does not agree with the valuation shown on their rate notice they can lodge a formal objection.  The objection form must be lodged at Council no later than two (2) months from the issue date of the rates notice.  In accordance with the Valuation of Land Act 1960, ratepayers should fill out all the required information, including any sales evidence that they have to support their claim and proposed valuation figure(s) when they return the objection form.

Note: These objections are to Council Rates Notices and not SRO Land Tax Notices.

Issued: 19 July 2018

Provided to: Leader Newspapers

Quoting: Mayor Paul Klisaris