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 Just following up the $700k council got from the Federal Government for the i-Sense Oakleigh project.

What is the project's intention?

The “i-Sense Oakleigh: The Smart Connected Precinct”  is an exciting project that aims to provide and pilot a range of smart technologies around Oakleigh that could include lighting, bin sensors, parking signs and wi-fi that are connected to a central control point.

For instance, bin sensors can alert our maintenance teams to bins that are full and this will help them manage work schedules. Smart lighting is another option where lighting can be controlled and adjusted remotely. There’s even capacity for people to see, via an app, when and where parking will be available in the precinct so they can plan their day.

Monash University is our technical partner for i-Sense Oakleigh, contributing $70,000 to the project.

The community will benefit from the ability to better plan their trip to Oakleigh and council can have increased ability to be responsive to managing and maintaining assets and services.

Why is it needed?

The Federal Government has outlined its vision for cities across Australia to improve accessibility, jobs, affordable housing and healthy environments through new technologies. Local Governments are ideally placed to know the challenges and opportunities for Smart Cities projects. 

What is the timeline for it?

It is anticipated that the test rollout of the project in Oakleigh will be completed by July 2020.

Why Oakleigh?

There are several projects happening in Oakleigh at the moment and it provided the right opportunity for the Smart Cities project.  Our current $5.8 million reconstruction of Atherton Road provides the opportunity for these works to be part of the project including replacement of lighting.

Is it something that could be expanded to other areas?

It’s something that potentially could be rolled out to other activity centres in Monash and external to Monash.

Anything else?

The project will pilot and test new technologies which may then be able to be rolled out on a larger scale.

Issued: 6 December 2018
To: Monash Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Shane McCluskey