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I was hoping to get a few more localised comments regarding a wishlist or what's needed for Monash ahead of the state election?

Monash Council Wishlist for State Election

Westall Road Extension funded and constructed as limited access arterial

A $500M commitment to fund the Westall Road completion project as a matter of urgency.  This road extension would be highly beneficial to the businesses in the  Monash Cluster. We’d also seek assurance that the final design for Westall Road completion project provides for improved bicycle routes and bus improvements along or parallel to Blackburn Road, Springvale Road and Clayton Road.

Commit to redevelop Huntingdale Railway Station and precinct.

The Huntingdale Transit Interchange, the gateway to Monash University, is in urgent need of redevelopment.  This ultimately will require the construction of a new train station, with above ground pedestrian access incorporating lifts and escalators amongst other upgrades such as way finding signage, lighting, accessible toilets, real time transport information, improved surveillance and improved maintenance. 

We also seek a commitment to fund a new modern train Station and associated facilities in the station precinct.

This links in with the current Federal commitment on May 7 for a $475 million commitment in the budget should be enough to half-fund the rail project, with the State Government expected to meet the remaining cost.

Expand public transport into and around the Monash Cluster

A commitment to fund the development of a transport and access plan addressing the following priorities for the area known as the Monash Cluster that is home to Monash University, Monash Medical Centre and Children’s Hospital and headquarters for a number of large corporate organisations:

  • Increase the number of pedestrian priority crossing links across the region, connecting activity centres, public transport nodes within residential areas, based on existing and expected demand.
  • Improve bus services and routes into key commercial and industrial employment areas, particularly the Monash Employment Cluster and Notting hill.

  • Improve the frequencies of SmartBus routes 703 and 900 to provide fast, frequent connections between Monash University and Huntingdale, Clayton and Syndal railway stations.

  • Increase the attractiveness of public transport, reduce the strain on existing parking infrastructure at railway stations, work with PTV, Metro Trains Melbourne and local bus operators to minimise passenger waiting times by coordinating timetables at key interchange points, including Chadstone Shopping Centre, Oakleigh Station, Huntingdale Station, Monash University, Clayton Station, Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre and Glen Waverley Station.

  • Undertake a comprehensive travel survey to gain a greater understanding of travel behaviour and patterns across Monash, including impacts of the growth of the Monash Employment Cluster and ongoing residential infill development.

  • Ensure the $3M feasibility study for the recently announced tram line by the State Government considers other opportunities for appropriate transport connections along the final route.

Co-funding for the Community Special Safety Advisory Committees Project work (Meet Your Street)

To match $125K funding committed by Council for the Meet Your Street pilot initiative.

Access to Pharmacotherapy Treatment

Better access and affordability of pharmacotherapy treatment across Victoria.

Incentivise health professionals to become aware of the public health preventative benefits of pharmacotherapy treatment as a harm reduction and evidence-based approach.

Waverley Night Netball Complex Renewal

Re-construct eight (8) netball courts, install new paths, drainage, retaining walls, fencing, LED court lighting, spectator and officials’ shelters. This would represent a $2.5M contribution to support female participation in sport.

Traffic Signals Waverley Road /Watsons Road, Glen Waverley

$400,000 for pedestrian signals and connections for cyclists and motorists.

Golf Links Road bike connection, road reconstruction

$1.5M for road improvement from Railway Bridge to North Road, road reconstruction and a bicycle connection.

Provided to: Monash Leader

Date: 23 August 2018

Quoting: Mayor Paul Klisaris