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Does the council have any statistics about the number of illegal tyre dumping sites it has had to deal with this year?

Since January 2018, we have removed 1445 illegally dumped tyres from 150 sites across the City of Monash. In comparison, we removed 125 illegally dumped tyres from 55 sites in 2017.  The number of dumped tyres peaked during July (329), August (382) and September (371) and has dropped down to 88 in October 2018.  

What strain is put on council when it has to clean up the dumped tyres? Time, cost etc.

Council has responded to an increased number of dumped rubbish reports (of dumped tyres), which results in extra costs to Council to collect,  (in staff resources) as well as disposal costs.

We calculate that an extra 30 minutes is spent by staff per site of dumped tyres (some sites are closer, some sites take longer to load the tyres).

Overall we have spent an extra 75 working hours collecting dumped tyres this year. The costs to recycle these tyres have increased by about $15,000 this year. All tyres are recycled through the Tyre Stewardship program. 

Has the council undertaken any action to try to stop the illegal tyre dumping?

Officers from Councils (in the East and South East, including Monash) and VicRoads met with Victoria Police in August to share information about dumping of tyres in their municipalities. Each Council provided evidence to Victoria Police about the numbers of dumped tyres, patterns of dumping, and information on people dumping tyres (some Councils had witness statements, videos and photos). In September 2018 Police confirmed to Council that they had the name and location of a suspect and were planning to interview the suspect.   

Any other comments on the issue?  

 Tyres can be recycled at the Monash Waste Transfer Station, Notting Hill at cost of $7.80 each (without rim) or $12 each (with rim).

Provided to: Monash Leader

Quoting: Mayor Shane McCluskey

Date: 22 November 2018