Jeff Kennett letter response

Questions and Responses

 We are doing a follow-up to the call on Hawthorn to walk away from pokies as a money-making source in Monash.

It is a fairly strongly-worded letter from Jeff Kennett - will council stay strong in its call to advocate for Hawthorn FC to withdraw any financial interests involved in the gaming industry?

Monash Council is a fierce advocate, and will remain so,  against the proliferation of poker machines in our neighbourhoods. We pride ourselves on our standing as a national leader in campaigning for action and change. We consider gambling to be a public health issue which impacts on individuals, families and communities.  More than $109 million was lost through electronic gaming machines in 2016/17, ranking Monash as the 6th in Victoria in terms of losses. So the answer is yes, we will stay strong.

Provided to: Monash Leader

Date: 24 May 2018

Quoting: Mayor Paul Klisaris