Media Response Amnesty Australia Advocacy Campaign

Questions & Responses

Please see the below response re the Amnesty International motion from this month’s meeting, quoting Mayor Paul Klisaris.

Why is council taking up a position on this?

Monash is one of the most culturally diverse municipalities in Melbourne and we are already one of 150 councils across Australia that have declared themselves ‘Refugees Welcome Zones’. We stand in support of Amnesty Australia’s advocacy campaign ‘My New Neighbour’ and we call on the Federal Government to expand and improve community sponsorship of refugees.  This would mean community organisations like schools, churches and non-government organisations, as well as families and businesses to act as potential sponsors for refugees, some of whom will settle in Monash.

How does Monash council think its involvement will help?

By putting our support behind this campaign it adds to the collective voice to work towards fairer refugee sponsorship across Australia.  

Provided to: Monash Leader

Date: 9 August 2018

Quoting: Mayor Paul Klisaris