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Fitzroy Grove

A resident is complaining that the area around Jordanville Railway Station, especially Fitzroy Grove, is so packed with cars that they partially obstruct driveways. He claims that since Zone 2 was abolished a few years ago it became a problem overnight.He feels council does not take it seriously.

What is council's response to this?

 Railway parking is the responsibility of the State Government and we share the frustrations of people who struggle to find parking each morning at train stations. In our Integrated Transport Strategy 2017-2037 Council outlines our vision for transport in Monash and our planned advocacy to PTV for more sustainable transport options.

We know that there’s one resident in Fitzroy Grove who has raised concerns about parking in his street and Council officers have taken this person’s concerns seriously by putting in place parking patrols and doing site visits to observe what’s happening in this street. Senior officers and our previous Mayor Cr Rebecca Paterson have also visited the street and spoken with the resident about the issues and the parked cars. 

Does council keep an eye on car parking obstructing driveways?

In response to the complaints from the resident in Fitzroy Grove our parking team now patrols the street daily on weekdays and where reports are received about specific concerns, we’ll send an officer out if one’s available, which is usually the case.

He claims that 100 people were booked in Fitzroy Grove alone last year - can those numbers be checked?

In 2017, 20 fines were issued for vehicles parking or encroaching over driveways in Fitzroy Grove. This year 17 fines have been issued.

Is more parking needed in the area to cater for train commuters?

Yes, and we would welcome Public Transport Victoria investing in more parking and transport solutions for train commuters in Monash, including improved bus connections to train stations.

Anything else?

Our Integrated Transport Strategy 2017-2037 can be found here:

Provided to: Monash Leader

Date: 19 April 2018

Quoting: Mayor Paul Klisaris