Media Response Tram Route Announcement

Question and Response

Can I please get a comment from council about this announcement and the proposed new tram line in the area?

This is fantastic news for our community and especially for people travelling to Monash University’s Clayton campus, which is at the heart of the Monash National Employment and Innovation Cluster (MNEIC) – also home to Monash Medical Centre, the Australian Synchrotron and headquarters for multinational businesses.

On any given day, the Clayton campus attracts in excess of 50,000 students and staff and around 600,000 visitors a year.  Without dedicated public transport infrastructure to support the movement of people to, from, and within the Cluster, its future will be severely constrained by traffic congestion.   

This new connection is a win for everyone who lives, studies, works in and visits our municipality.

We look forward to collaborating with the Government over the details of the proposed route and timing of works.

Provided to: Monash Leader

Date: 11 April 2018

Quoting: Mayor Paul Klisaris.