Monash Drive Mulgrave Media Response

 27 February 2018

 Questions and Responses

I am doing a story with a resident who lives near Monash Drive, Mulgrave, who is concerned about the growing number of speeding drivers through the area in the evening. He feels there has been more traffic through the area in the past 18-24 months.

He suspects it is drivers seeking quicker access to the Monash Fwy.

He says it is a 50km/h zone (and 40 near Mazenod College), but many drivers go faster than that.

Can council provide data on how much traffic would be in that area?

In 2016 Council conducted a traffic survey on Monash Drive in the vicinity of Mazenod College (south of Kernot Avenue) that showed approximately 2,125 vehicles per weekday used the roads in this area. 

Monash Drive connects with two arterial roads (Springvale Road and Wellington Road) and has been designed to carry higher traffic volumes as it serves both local and school traffic.  Several traffic improvements have been made to the street including two roundabouts constructed near

Mazenod College, and centre line markings and warning signs at the bend.  The street also has a 40 km/h school speed zone.  

Would council comment on speeding cars on that road and the importance of maintaining the speed limit?

Adhering to the speed limit is the law and we want our community to be safe. All road users should obey road and traffic rules as well as being patient and showing respect on the road.

Council works closely with Victoria Police, who are the responsible authority when it comes to speeding motorists, but it is up to drivers to do the right thing, particularly around schools.

 Anything else?

Council will conduct another traffic survey in 2018 in the same area to get updated figures on the number of vehicles that use Monash Drive and surrounding streets.

That review will determine if we need to undertake any further traffic measures in this area.

Issued: Thursday 22 February

To: Monash Leader

Quoting: Mayor Paul Klisaris

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