New migrants to Monash

Questions and Responses

I read an article Monday which said Monash had the most immigrants come to its LGA outside of the CBD for 2016-17. It said 6734 people came, primarily from China.

Update: Just heard from ABS. They confirmed the validity of the numbers, confirming Monash LGA had the 5th highest net overseas migration across Australia (it is 2nd in Victoria)" and further that 2561 of those people went to Clayton.

 How does council regard the high number of new immigrants to the local area?

Monash is a thriving and vibrant community and diversity is our greatest strength. Our population growth is exciting and presents many opportunities for the municipality. As an established area our population growth also poses some challenges particularly in terms of providing services and amenities and securing infrastructure funding from State and Federal Governments to cope with the growth.

Why do you think it is preferred so much?

In Monash there are many drawcards for migrants from overseas and nationally including our schools, jobs and services. It stands to reason that people moving to Melbourne will be attracted to those suburbs where there are  established communities and support networks. Clayton has historically been a popular destination for migrants as it had access to affordable accommodation, local employment and educational opportunities.  This has grown to include Monash University and the Monash Medical Centre.  These diverse communities mean that Monash can proudly call itself home to residents from more than 106 countries.

Provided to: Monash Leader

Date: 23 May 2018

Quoting: Mayor Paul Klisaris