Parking Overlay Media Response

Questions and Responses

What does Richard Wynne's rejection of the parking overlays for Glen Waverley and Oakleigh mean?

The decision means we can’t prepare a new parking contributions scheme for Glen Waverley or Oakleigh and we can no longer collect contributions from traders for the provision of additional parking. For traders this means they will need to provide their own parking as part of any new development or mount an argument for the reduction or waiving of their car parking requirement once the old provisions are removed from the Planning Scheme, rather than contribute to centralised car parking that would benefit the whole centre.  The schemes have operated successfully for many years.

We did not anticipate the refusal from Minister Wynne as our staff had numerous positive discussions with DELWP staff on our proposed revised scheme.

Is there a parking issue in those areas?

Glen Waverley and Oakleigh are popular precincts for dining and attract a high number of visitors. Whilst we believe we can cater for current use we anticipate continued growth in these activity centres and therefore need to plan for the future

How will stopping the cash in lieu option affect council?

The effect is on local traders who will need to provide their own car parking for any future development or an increase in use.

Losing this coordinated scheme for parking will mean that it is unlikely that Council will be able to continue to provide additional car parking in these centres given the significant competing needs on Council’s budget year on year.

Does this mean council cannot approve new businesses/developments in those areas unless they provide the required number of carparks?

Yes.  While the existing controls remain in the planning scheme any business increasing its floor space or seating numbers will need to provide the required number of car parking spaces.  When the Minister removes these controls from the planning scheme, traders will be able to make application to reduce or waive their on site parking requirements, but this will add, time to a businesses ability to open until this is decided. If a new scheme is introduced, Council will again be able to collect contributions and provide additional parking.   Key areas of the Glen Waverley and Oakleigh activity centres have development potential but many have limited ability to provide onsite car parking. We believed that introducing new parking precinct plans would provide a benefit to each centre and its growth and the Minister’s decision will affect our ability to do this.

Anything else?

There is more information in the following report considered by Council at the 27 February meeting.

Issued: Thursday, 1 March 2018.
To: Monash Leader.
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Paul Klisaris